Prince: New Music Blocked By Judge, As The ‘Purple Rain’ Deluxe Edition Moves Forward

As the world remembers Prince on the one year anniversary of his passing, throwing block parties, concerts, and a mass of other events meant to pay tribute to the late singer, the artist’s music creates frustration for his estate and, in a separate move, anticipation for his fans. The frustration comes with the release, or, more accurately, the blocking of the release of new music, as Prince’s estate seeks to stop a record producer from violating Prince’s wishes. While fans will have to wait for that new music, the Purple Rain deluxe edition is still on schedule and a track listing for that release teases some of Prince’s greatest hits.

No New Prince Songs, Says Minnesota Judge

The release of new Prince music has been blocked, but not for long. [Image by Cindy Ord/Getty Images]

New court battles have emerged in dealing with the musical legacy left behind by Prince and, as The New York Times reports, the artist’s estate is trying to abide by the late singer’s wishes. Specifically, Prince record producer George Ian Boxill had planned to release a digital EP containing six new Prince tracks to commemorate the one year anniversary of the singer’s passing. The EP was to be titled Deliverance and would have been released via the independent label, RMA (Rogue Music Alliance).

The independent label is the source of the problem, as Prince’s estate already has an arrangement with Universal Music Group for the release of music created by Prince in the later years of his career.

During a court proceeding, Judge Wilhelmina M. Wright of the United States District Court has sided with the estate of Prince against Boxill, issuing a temporary restraining order against Mr. Boxill. The order prevents him from releasing the new music today, as planned.

Furthermore, Judge Wright has ordered the recording producer to “deliver all of the recordings acquired through his work with Paisley Park Enterprises, including original recordings, analog and digital copies,” ensuring that the Prince estate can maintain control over the release of the new songs.

Unless extended, the restraining order will expire on May 3.

The title track of the Deliverance EP has already been released, but was pulled from music services in light of the court case initiated by the Prince estate. Co-founder of RMA, David Staley, says he hopes the song won’t be included in the restraining order, as it was released prior to the judge’s ruling, and adds that he would like to see “Deliverance” available online once again.

Purple Rain Deluxe Edition Track Listing Leaked – Are There New Prince Songs?

Purple Rain
'Purple Rain' will be re-released as a deluxe edition in June, but the song list has already leaked online. [Image by Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images]

While the Purple Rain deluxe edition is still some time away from its June 8 release, Variety reports that the track listing for the new Prince release has already been leaked. An online source, known only as “The Violet Reality,” was responsible for leaking the Purple Rain tracks and, although Warner Bros. won’t comment on the legitimacy of the information, a source has indicated that the information is accurate.

The first of the three disc set is the original Purple Rain album release with no changes.

Purple Rain Disc 2: Edits & extended mixes

  1. When Doves Cry (7″ single edit)
  2. 17 Days (single edit)
  3. Let’s Go Crazy (single edit)
  4. Erotic City (single edit)
  5. Purple Rain (single edit)
  6. God (single edit)
  7. God (Love Theme From Purple Rain) (instrumental)
  8. Another Lonely Christmas (single edit)
  9. I Would Die 4 U (single edit)
  10. Baby I’m a Star (single edit)
  11. Take Me With U (single edit)
  12. Erotic City (extended version)
  13. Another Lonely Christmas (extended version)
  14. I Would Die 4 U (extended version)

Purple Rain Disc 3: From the Vault

  1. The Dance Electric (11:29) bandmate Andre Cymone)
  2. Love and Sex (5:00)
  3. Computer Blue (“Hallway Speech” version) (12:18)
  4. Velvet Kitty Cat (2:32)
  5. Katrina’s Paper Dolls (3:30)
  6. We Can F— (10:17)
  7. Electric Intercourse (studio version) (4:57)
  8. Our Destiny / Roadhouse Garden (6:25)
  9. Possessed (7:56)
  10. Wonderful A— (6:24)
  11. Father’s Song (5:30)

The Purple Rain deluxe edition will also contain two live concert films. One of those films will be the recording of Prince and the Revolution Live! The concert was recorded at the Syracuse, New York concert in March 1985 and is believed to be one of the last of the 100 date Purple Rain tour.

Again, the Purple Rain deluxe edition will see a June 8 release.

[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]