Duggar Family News: Jinger Wears Pants, Cousin Amy Might Be Pregnant, And Jessa Charges For Modesty Advice

In the latest Duggar Family news, daughter Jinger might have (depending on how you want to interpret things) sent a stern message to her father about her fashion choices; cousin Amy may be pregnant; and daughter Jessa caught hell for teaching a seminar about modesty — and charging money for it! Let’s dig in.

Jinger Shocks The World By Wearing Pants

The ultra-conservative Duggar clan, with their strict interpretation of evangelical Christianity, puts expectations of dress and behavior on themselves that seem to put even more of the burden on women. One way this manifests itself is the family’s devotion to modesty in dress. And, for reasons that are complicated to explain and won’t be discussed in this post, that means that Duggar women, and women who marry into the family, are forbidden from wearing pants.

Seriously: look at all the photos of the Duggar family. You’ll notice that all of the females in the family, from the little girls on up to the adult women, are almost always in skirts or dresses. Never pants.

And then, lo and behold, Jinger Duggar was photographed wearing pants.

Jinger hasn’t said much publicly about the scandalous photos, and let’s face it, she’s a grown woman, and what she wears is her business. But The Hollywood Gossip took a look at another photo of Jinger in pants, this time photographed along with her husband, Jeremy, and concluded that the photo is a subtle shade-throw at her dad, Jim Bob, and his draconian fashion rules.

Jinger Duggar: I’m Wearing Pants & I Don’t Care What Jim Bob Thinks! https://t.co/FQjnIR6Bra pic.twitter.com/kFJWDe35Qn

— Julieth Jaimes (@MandanKascara) April 20, 2017

“When a Duggar woman gets married, her husband replaces her father as the master of her mind and body, and it seems Jinger’s dude, Jeremy Vuolo takes a less draconian view toward jeans. Given that Vuolo and Jim Bob Duggar clashed several times during Jinger and Jeremy’s courtship, the photo could also be interpreted as a massive middle finger to the Duggar patriarch.”

That may be a bit of a stretch, but hey, in the absence of facts, there is always speculation.

Cousin Amy May Be Pregnant

Another Duggar woman, Jim Bob’s niece and cousin to the Duggar clan, Amy Duggar King, may or may not have a bun in the oven.

As the Hollywood Gossip reports, Amy recently posted a photo on Instagram that, like a photo her cousin Jinger posted a while back, has got fans of Duggar Nation speculating that she’s expecting.

God’s glory fills the earth, Jesus is alive! Happy Easter to you and your family!

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To the casual observer, that photo just looks like a young woman wearing a pretty floral dress. But to Duggar family fans, she’s clearly hiding a baby.

Unlike another recent Instagram post showing another possibly-pregnant Duggar woman (more on that in a few paragraphs), there’s absolutely nothing about the photo that suggests a pregnancy. At least, not as far as this writer can see. But again, Duggar Nation is always hungry for pregnancy news, so this story will be followed closely.

Jessa Teaches About Modesty – For A Price

Unlike her sister Jinger, Jessa Duggar is apparently all about that modesty, to the point that she’s even teaching seminars to other women about how to dress like a Duggar (or at least, dress in a way that “honors God”). If you think that this is a thing that a woman should be able to figure out for herself, well, you’re obviously not Jessa Duggar.

Oh, and by the way, Jessa would like you to pay for her advice.

For $20, according to Cafe Mom, you can hang out with Jessa and the family, even posing for pictures with her, at an upcoming event in Ohio, where she’ll tell you all about her modesty.

No word on whether or not Jessa will allow herself to be photographed with you if you’re a woman wearing pants.

[Featured Image by Ted Richardson/AP]