Woman Grows Beard For Movember

Siobhain Fletcher, a 36-year old woman from Leek, Straffordshire, typically shaves her beard throughout the year. But in honor of Movember Fletcher decided to let her facial hair grow.

According to ABC News, Fletcher was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome when she was a teenager. The hormone imbalance causes her to grow excessive facial hair. Fletcher has been trying to get rid of her facial hair for years but this month she decided to embrace it.

Fletcher said that she wanted to turn her condition into something positive. She set up a profile on the Movember website and has already raised more than $1000 for cancer research.

Fletcher said:

“It helps people get checked for prostate and testicular cancer, and hopefully people will, instead of going to a funeral, be going to a remission party.”

Fletcher decided to grow her beard out in support of prostate cancer but she’s also been able to raise awareness for plycystic ovary syndrome. Fletcher said that she hopes to inspire people who suffer from similar afflictions.

Fletcher said:

“To actually go out there, and get out there, you see people still have manners. People may look, but mostly it’s been very positive. I think only one negative comment on the whole of the Internet.”

Fletcher will be shaving her beard at the end of Movember but she may decide to grow it again. The 36-year-old woman said that she may grow her beard so that she can be Santa Claus this winter.