Ramona Singer On Bethenny Frankel: ‘She Needs To Watch Herself’ After Verbal Attack

Ramona Singer may not be the best when it comes to asking questions and addressing concerns, but she claims to have a good heart and says that her comments are coming from a place of concern and love. On last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York, Singer asked Bethenny Frankel about some rumors in regards to a soft core video that Bethenny had made years ago when she was living in Los Angeles. It was a movie that she’s not exactly marketing these days, but she claims that she’s owning it because she needed the money to survive. But for Singer, she’s concerned about Bryn finding out.

According to a new Bravo report, Ramona Singer is now speaking out about her approach, revealing that she was genuinely concerned about Bethenny’s daughter Bryn being confronted at school about Frankel’s video. Of course, Frankel is outspoken and may have thought about how she was going to handle the situation when it came up, but Ramona Singer wanted to know what her daughter knew about the video. Many of her Real Housewives of New York were shocked that Singer would even bring it up at dinner, and then relate the tape back to Bryn.

“Aggressive, inappropriate or just a b**ch?” Ramona Singer said on her Bravo blog for The Real Housewives of New York, revealing that she thought she was doing the right thing in bringing it up and showing concern.

“That’s the question I ask myself. Well first, I know that I am not the b**ch. Was my delivery inappropriate? Bad timing? Or just aggressive? Well here are my thoughts. None of those words fully describe what happened at the restaurant! As we sat there chatting, yes I did come out and ask her directly if anyone had said anything to Bryn about Bethenny’s pictures,” Ramona continues in her blog for Bravo, hinting that editing may have influenced how the dinner came across.

“Although B, of course, has a quick tongue and is fast thinking, she needs to attack,” Ramona Singer points out in her Real Housewives of New York blog, revealing that Bethenny needs to watch herself and watch how she talks to people, as she comes across as aggressive.

“She also knows what I went through while Avery was younger and I was on the show. People do talk! The adults talk to each other and the kids hear and repeat! So I was just asking! It’s not that unusual for a 10-year-old to walk over to a 6-year-old and say, “My mother said your mother is a…!” But B needs to add the drama and talk about me being a drama queen. Maybe she needs to watch herself,” Ramona Singer explains, revealing that she has gone through quite a bit with her daughter and her ex-husband, as he cheated on her.

While Singer probably wants to protect her co-star, she doesn’t appreciate Bethenny’s reaction to the question. Of course, if Ramona had been the person with a soft core movie and a daughter in the first grade, she might have been angry if her co-stars brought it up the same way as she did with Frankel. Frankel ended up walking out of the dinner, sharing that she had no interest in hanging with the ladies and being called names because of her reaction.

What do you think of Ramona Singer’s approach when she brought up Bethenny Frankel’s soft core movie? Do you think Singer showed actual concern for Bethenny or do you think she just brought it up because she knew that it would cause drama and would be an interesting topic of discussion since all of the ladies were present?

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