What’s the Deal with “Nailed”?

According to the rumors, Director David O. Russell isn’t exactly peachy to work with, but it sounds like the Nailed cast and crew’s treatment takes the cake. In the past, David cursed out Lily Tomlin and tried to punch out George Clooney, but I suppose Jessica Biel, Jake Gyllenhaal, and James Brolin were prepared for those shenanigans. One thing that they weren’t prepared for was not getting paid.

So we can add “no pay” to David’s repertoire that also includes disagreements over how to “properly act out choking on a cookie” and calling people c*nts.

I guess that James Caan got out while the getting was good: filming has been halted twice, including the end of last week. Hopefully it won’t have any more hitches: the plot is actually pretty cool. Filming will resume Monday, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.