Angelina Jolie Begging Designer Tom Ford To Assist With Re-Igniting Career Amid Marriage Rumors

Angelina Jolie has been in the spotlight as of late for mainly personal reasons stemming from her difficult divorce and custody battle with her estranged husband Brad Pitt. Angelina has seemed to receive more negative press regarding the dramatic turn of events than Brad, due to the manner in which she announced the split and the fact that she followed up the announcement, which blind-sided Brad, by appealing to the FBI to launch an investigation against Pitt for child abuse.

Brad was quickly cleared following the investigation, and has moved on amicably with Jolie since, and has also carried on seamlessly in his career. Angelina, although involved in a number of projects and continuing on as a special envoy for the United Nations, is reportedly feeling as though her career needs a bit of a jump start. Radar shares that Angelina has been reaching out to various friends and contacts in the industry for assistance in giving her career in Hollywood new life.

Obviously appearances always are of major importance when it comes to standing out, therefore designer Tom Ford, who has also found success in the world of film, is one fashion industry guru that Jolie has turned to for advice and assistance. The publication relays words of a source.

“With all the drama around her and Brad Pitt, Angelina feels like a huge outsider right now, and she knows Tom is the industry It Guy. Angelina is the most beautiful woman in the world, and it kills Tom to see her in these depressing all-black ensembles and dowdy red carpet gowns.”

Ford was originally head designer for both Gucci and Saint Laurent ahead of beginning his own popular line, Tom Ford. The talent, as stated, has also been the director of two films which have since been nominated for Academy Awards — A Single Man and Nocturnal Animals.

Clearly, Angelina remains relevant without a wardrobe reform, but it cannot be disputed that she does wear quite a bit of black these days. Perhaps her clothing represents her sadness and mourning over the loss of her 12-year relationship with the father of her children. However, rumors of new love in the actress’ life have been making the rounds and Jolie is even said to be so serious with her new man that they are prepared for marriage.

Yahoo shares words of a source who claims that Jolie has found love after Brad with a philanthropist businessman, whom she met in London.

“‘Angelina’s getting married,’ a ‘family friend [said] revealing the actress is keen to get her divorce finalised as soon as possible, so the 41-year-old can officially tie the knot.’Her husband-to-be is a philanthropist businessman,’ the source adds, revealing that Ange and her new man were introduced to each other last year by those who run in the same circles in London.”

Brad Pitt is reportedly just as blind-sided with this news as he was when Ange spoke publicly about splitting from Pitt and filing for divorce ahead of the Allied star even having been made aware she was going to do so. Since this point, however, it’s been shared by filmmaker Ian Halperin, who is completing a tell-all documentary about the estranged couple, that Pitt and Jolie had actually been estranged for months leading up to this announcement, yet Brad was not made aware as to the timing of Jolie’s public statement.

As for the new man, the publication relays that Pitt is not too happy about the businessman in the life of the mother of his children. He’s reportedly not OK with his children spending their time with someone other than he and Angelina.

“It’s so predictable and he’s convinced she’s doing it to get back at him,” an insider tells the publication.

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