Travis Fimmel Sighting On Set With Lena Dunham Leads To Speculation About Upcoming Roles

News is currently circulating that Travis Fimmel (Vikings, Warcraft) and Lena Dunham (Girls, High Maintenance) could be starring together in a currently unnamed short film.

According to Just Jared, the pair were sighted on Thursday, filming a scene in Brooklyn, New York, for the upcoming short film. While little is known about this new project that seems to have come out of nowhere, according to the source, the pair were seen filming together on a street in Brooklyn.

“Lena [Dunham] was seen passing Travis [Fimmel] on the street, who captured her attention. After they passed each other, Lena did a double-take to look back at him,” Just Jared claims.

An image released shows Lena Dunham in a short black dress, gray socks, and red shoes as she walks along the street. Another image shows Dunham in the same dress, in close proximity to Travis Fimmel.

No images or news about this short film have shown up on Lena Dunham’s Instagram account or on her IMDb listing. Although, both Just Jared and Bustle are linking a recent image on Lena Dunham’s Instagram account where she is sporting hair extensions as evidence of the upcoming short film featuring her and Travis Fimmel. However, comparing the image below with the ones released on set via Just Jared show Dunham sporting different hair lengths.

Plus, according to previous movie news, Travis Fimmel should be in the midst of filming Inversion with Samuel L. Jackson at the moment.

According to a previous article with Variety, Inversion was to begin principle photography at Babelsberg Studios in Berlin on February 27 and then to continue on Shanghai and Chicago. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Inversion “follows a street-wise American con man and a young Chinese physicist as they race against the clock to save the earth from a terrifying loss of gravity.” Travis was cast originally to play the role of the American con man and Samuel L. Jackson will “portray a senior Homeland Security investigator.” According to IMDb, Chinese actress Yifei Liu (Once Upon a Time, The Forbidden Kingdom) has also been cast in Inversion.

While Travis Fimmel’s name has been accredited with Inversion for some time now, his name has actually recently disappeared from the IMDb database for this movie, leading fans to speculate as to whether he has dropped out of this role.

Travis Fimmel, Lena Dunham, short film
[Image by History Channel]

This omission has occurred sometime after the recent announcement that Travis Fimmel would be joining History Channel again in a new series. With Travis currently working on this new series, it is possible he might have time to make a small cameo in a short film, especially if he has recently dropped out of Inversion.

As yet, little is known about this new History Channel series other than it will aim to bring the “iconic sinners and anti-heroes from history to life” according to the press release from the A & E Network. Fimmel has written the first episode for this new series and will star as Wyatt Earp in one of the episodes. He will also act as executive producer on the series, so it appears this new series might have taken up more of his time than originally anticipated and that is why his name has dropped from IMDb in relation to Inversion.

However, while IMDb can be a valuable source for information in regard to movies and television series, it can also be, at times, an unreliable source. Sections of IMDb can be edited by anyone who has set up an account with IMDb and this can discredit some of the information available on it. In a way, IMDb can be likened to Wikipedia in that it holds a lot of valuable information; however, not all sources can be deemed as accurate or correct.

As yet, all news about this Travis Fimmel and Lena Dunham short film appears to be speculation and fans will just have to wait to see if an official announcement is made.

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[Featured Image by Craig Barritt/Getty Images]