Ehab Jaber’s Facebook Live Video Gets 8.2K Views: Muslim-American Man With Guns Leaves Christian Conference

The following Facebook Live video features Ehab Jaber, a man who claims his name is John Smith in the Facebook Live video. As seen in the following video, which was posted to Ehab’s Facebook page on April 9, at 8:09 p.m., Ehab wears a shirt that says the following words about being a Muslim-American man who open-carries guns and also concealed-carries weapons. Although Jaber’s shirt claims that he was only dangerous to “stupid” people, the amount of guns and magazines and weaponry that Ehab shows off was indeed viewed as dangerous to those who have watched the viral Facebook Live video.

“I am an American. I am a Muslim. I open carry. And concealed carry. I am only dangerous if you are stupid.”

Jaber’s Facebook Live video has gained more than 8,200 views and counting upwards. As of this writing, the video is still live on Jaber’s Facebook account. As the video opens, it sounds as if Jaber is being told that his gun and likely his T-shirt has caused alarm to the folks at the Christian conference.

Warning: The below video from Ehab Jaber contains language that might be offensive to some viewers, along with weaponry.

In case Ehab’s video gets removed from Facebook, it has been archived and has been reposted to other Facebook accounts, with people making commentary about the disturbing video.

Ehab hails from Sioux Falls, according to KELO AM. The fact that Jaber arrived at the conference regarding Christianity and Islam nearly two weeks ago and was asked to leave the Hilton in South Louise is gaining plenty of attention online. Officer Sam Clemen reports that Jaber was told by security that guns were not allowed on the premises.

Ehab left without incident, but the Hilton security still contacted police, who determined that Jaber was not threatening anyone in particular. An FBI agent was also involved in the decision. However, now that people have seen the viral Facebook video with Jaber showing off a large amount of guns, folks are concerned that Jaber could indeed be a threat, especially because of the words Jaber uttered in the video.

The fact that Jaber said “be terrified” in his Facebook Live video, according to CBS Los Angeles, as Ehab held up his various guns is what is troubling to many who have watched the video and are commenting about the footage online. Jaber reportedly filmed the Koran, then recorded the Worldview Weekend rally crowd in South Dakota. The fact that Jaber’s video says people should be “very scared,” combined with his massive amount of guns is getting a reaction.


Jaber spoke out about his viral Facebook video, reports KDLT News, with the Ehab explaining that it was troubling for him to see so many people that are his neighbors at the Hilton Garden Inn South conference, which was called “anti-Muslim” by some people.

“I was really distraught to see that many people, those are the people I’ve lived among for 20 years.”

The Facebook Live video, according to KDLT News, came amid people protesting the conference. Reactions to Ehab’s Facebook video, wherein he repeats that people should be scared and “be f***ing terrified,” can be viewed below.

“I have a gun but that is more weapons than you can manage. Too many for someone to get away from you. And no this is not normal in America.”

“You have the right via the 2nd Amendment to bare arms; not a big deal. What I don’t understand is your issue; what are you even trying to say??? What’s with all the ‘F’ words, and WHY on earth would you even want to attend that particular meeting? This doesn’t make any sense at all…”

[Featured Image by Transportation Security Administration/AP]