Watch All Episodes Of 'Bleach' Anime Online On Tubi TV: Free Digital Streaming TV Partners With Viz Media

After adding fan favorites like Hunter X Hunter, Death Note, Bakuman, and Naruto, Tubi TV now has all the episodes of the immensely popular Japanese anime Bleach. The platform that claims to be a truly free internet TV network with no subscription has partnered with Viz Media, and the association has allowed Tubi TV to digitally release a number of anime videos apart from Bleach.

One of the largest online streaming TV platforms, Tubi TV confirmed it has partnered with San Francisco-based VIZ Media, a premier company in the fields of publishing, animation, distribution, and global entertainment licensing. The partnership allows Tubi TV to add all 366 episodes of Bleach anime to its growing catalog of Japanese anime. The entire series will now be available for streaming across U.S. and Canada. The Bleach episodes are in their original Japanese language. However, there are English subtitles for anime fans across North America and Canada.

Association with Viz Media is certainly a very important step for Tubi TV. The digital streaming network can now easily add a number of anime series that have been brought to America by Viz Media. Tubi TV currently boasts of a huge and continually growing library of videos, which includes Oscar-winning movies and Emmy-winning TV shows that span genres from comedy, drama, family & kids, classics, and horror, to niche segments such as Korean, Chinese, and British TV series, reported Anime News Network.

Speaking about the partnership that will surely have a deep impact on online anime distribution, and certainly affect other dominant players like Netflix and Amazon, Brian Ige, Viz Media Vice President, Animation said the following.

"For more than thirty years, we've brought the finest in manga and anime to English-speaking fans across the world. This partnership with Tubi TV helps us build on that momentum and expand our audience as more and more viewers around the globe continue to clamor for our unique brand of entertainment."


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There aren't many anime fans who are not aware of Bleach anime. Although the series ended in 2012, it ran successfully for about eight years. The hugely popular anime is based on the manga created by mangaka Tite Kubo. The manga too, was quite successful. It has been licensed in more than a dozen countries and has over 75 million copies in print in Japan alone. The North American version of Bleach manga regularly featured on the New York Times Best Seller list for Manga as well as the Nielsen BookScan Top 50 Graphic Novels list. With over 1.8 million DVDs sold, Bleach anime is one of the actively purchased series on home media outside Japan. The manga and anime has been the inspiration behind several video games, action figures, trading cards, and other merchandise that remains popular even today.

Online anime distribution is getting quite competitive. Dominant players in digital and on-demand video content providers Netflix and Amazon have been adding several old and new anime series to their growing catalog. With Tubi TV increasing its footprint in online anime distribution, anime fans in Western countries will have even more choice to access their favorite series.

[Featured Image by Tite Kubo/Bleach/Viz Media]