Is Elizabeth Warren’s New Book Proof Of Her 2020 Presidential Campaign? Conservatives Think So

Elizabeth Warren, the former bankruptcy law expert and professor, has just released her latest book This Fight Is Our Fight: The Battle to Save America’s Middle Class, and many are questioning whether this is the start of her political campaign to run for president in 2020. Warren will be very much in the spotlight for the foreseeable future while she tours her new book, and this would certainly be useful if she was planning to run for president.

On Tuesday evening, Elizabeth Warren will be putting in an appearance in New York City at the Barnes & Noble in Union Square in order to promote her eleventh book, but some will remember that this same Barnes & Noble bookstore was also where Hillary Clinton chose to begin her own book tour with Hard Choices, which came out in 2014.

There is also the matter of the large number of “She Persisted” bumper stickers about Elizabeth Warren which can be seen everywhere and which may also indicate her desire to run for president in 2020.

Elizabeth Warren with Bernie Sanders in Washington, DC on February 16, 2017.
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When Elizabeth Warren appeared on the Today show, she seemed to be dismissive of the idea of running for president, as NBC News report. When she was asked if becoming president was an ambition of hers, she flatly denied it held any appeal for her by saying that she was planning to run again in 2018, but only as a senator.

“I am running in 2018 for senator for Massachusetts.”

Book tours are an exceedingly popular way to begin presidential campaigns, and even John F. Kennedy toured his book Profiles in Courage three years before he got into the White House. Some Conservative politicians and academics are taking Elizabeth Warren’s new book as proof that she will run for president in 2020. Colin Reed, Executive Director of America Rising, has affirmed the belief of Conservatives when he said that Warren’s new book may be “a soft launch of her 2020 presidential run.”

The opposition group America Rising made an announcement on Tuesday that they were creating something known as “The Elizabeth Warren Initiative” so that they could endeavor to “make Warren’s life difficult.” While it may seem odd that they would do this over a simple book by Elizabeth Warren, this was also their course of action after Hillary Clinton did the same thing and launched a book tour three years before she ran for president.

To try and besmirch the name of Elizabeth Warren, America Rising will use the Freedom of Information Act to find old records that may show her doing something untoward and will also send people from their group to film Warren whenever she makes a public appearance to see what they may pick up.

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If Elizabeth Warren’s new book isn’t really a sign that she plans to run for president, Conservatives don’t appear to believe it if the group America Rising is anything to go by. But USA Today report that Warren began writing her latest book 15 years ago and assumed that Hillary Clinton would be in the White House by the time it was published.

“Look, I started this book probably 15 years ago, because it’s the big story about building a middle class and then tearing it down, and why it happened, and how it happened. And, sure, for much of the time that I was working on it, I thought it would be Hillary Clinton in the White House. I thought it would be important that she be able to see that arc and that, you know, some good, strong opportunities available for the things she would be able to do, and the team she would put together would be able to do.”

Are you planning to read Elizabeth Warren’s newest book and do you think it is part of an early campaign to run for president in the 2020 U.S. presidential election?

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