WWE News: The Undertaker Won’t Appear On WWE Programming Again, Not Even For the WWE Hall of Fame

It’s becoming clearer by the day that The Undertaker had his last match at Wrestlemania 33 against Roman Reigns, but it’s also coming to light that we may never see The Deadman on WWE programming again. The WWE Universe wants to know what the future holds for him now that his career is over. Many people are still hoping that The Undertaker has one more match left in him, but the harsh reality is coming very soon.

Almost immediately after Wrestlemania 33, it was reported that The Undertaker would be having major hip surgery that he’s been putting off for a long time. The reason why he has been putting off the surgery for so long is that it would essentially force the end of his wrestling career. The Undertaker ended his career on his own terms. There is no reason to delay the surgery again, so it’s highly unlikely he’ll ever wrestle again.

Most WWE fans knew that heading into Orlando a couple of weeks ago, but that does not mean they wanted to believe it. The Undertaker’s wrestling career is over. It’s a bitter pill for the WWE Universe to swallow. But, many people are still wondering if there is a place or a role for him in the company. No one can predict what the future holds, but it’s being reported that appearing on WWE television isn’t on option for him.

The Undertaker Has Officially Retired From WWE For Good
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It’s being reported that The Undertaker has no intention of playing or appearing as the character again for WWE. At Wrestlemania, The Deadman dropped his gloves in the ring, left his attire, and left the arena with the WWE fans cheering for him. Under no circumstances is The Undertaker character expected to make an appearance on WWE programming again. Going forward, Mark Calaway is the one who will be featured.

It’s only a matter of time before WWE officials induct The Undertaker into the WWE Hall of Fame. It could happen as early as next year in New Orleans. Whenever his induction happens, Calaway will be inducted as The Undertaker. However, he will appear as himself. That’s not unusual, but his appearances as himself and not as Undertaker have been rare. It’ll take awhile for the fans to get used to seeing him as Mark Calaway.

It’s unclear what the future holds for The Undertaker because he’s not the type of WWE Superstar who can return for a General Manager role like Mick Foley or Kurt Angle. The WWE Universe would love if he could make occasional appearances like Stone Cold Steve Austin does from time to time. However, if Calaway has retired The Undertaker character for good, then appearing on Raw or SmackDown may not be in the cards.

Was Wrestlemania 33 The End For The Undertaker
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It’s possible the WWE Performance Center could be an option for him. There is no question he’d be valuable to WWE’s future as a trainer or an agent. That seems like the most likely role for him with WWE, but it may not be something The Undertaker is interested in doing with WWE. Not every WWE Legend is interested in training. Mark Calaway may just want to be with his family and be healthy for the foreseeable future.

Of course, you can never say never in this business. There’ll never be another character like The Undertaker, but the WWE Universe should appreciate the ending we just saw at Wrestlemania 33. A WWE Hall of Fame induction is only a matter of time. The fans will be able to pay their respects. Eventually, The Deadman may make another appearance on WWE television if the right situation comes along. A lot can happen between now and never.

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