Fans Wonder Who Kris Marshall Is As Confusion Sets In For Doctor Who No. 13 And The Christmas Special

Over the Easter weekend, the identity of Doctor Who Number 13 appeared to come out and fans were initially excited, but then, confusion and anger started to seep in. Rumors are swirling that actor Kris Marshall has been cast as the 13th lead for Doctor Who, but the BBC and representatives for the actor refuse to comment on anything regarding this news. Now, fans are starting to bring about some backlash and they’re wondering if Peter Capaldi will be in the Christmas special.

According to Mirror, the newest Time Lord who will be replacing Peter Capaldi as Doctor Who is going to be Kris Marshall. The tenth season just started over the weekend and believe it or not, Marshall is set to regenerate as the new doctor and is going to join the show during it instead of during the Christmas special.

The source for Mirror states that Marshall “has already joined the cast” and confirmed that he would not regenerate in the Christmas special, but during the series. Movie Pilot brings up that Peter Capaldi has stated that he will regenerate in the Christmas special, so, is that just a ruse to throw everyone off?

If Capaldi is trying to throw everyone off of the supposed leak of Kris Marshall as the 13th Doctor Who, he isn’t the only one. A spokesperson for BBC said that “no casting decisions have yet been made on series 11,” which means that no new doctor could possibly be in place, according to Telegraph.

Needless to say, but the Doctor Who fans are still very skeptical.

Doctor Who TV reports that Kris Marshall has been rumored as the next Doctor ever since he publicly stated he was walking away from BBC’s Death In Paradise. This happened around the same time that Peter Capaldi announced he was stepping out of the lead role in Doctor Who back in January, and rumors started putting the two things together.

Kris Marshall had said in the past that he was “very flattered to be considered” as a possible replacement for the Doctor, but said he “wouldn’t put any money on it” when bets began being placed. Lots of bets began building for the first ever female Doctor, but rumors have that being out of the picture now too.

The Guardian started looking into Marshall a bit more to give Doctor Who fans some information if the speculation ends up being true. Some of the stats are quite simplistic and easy to find, but it gives fans an idea as to who he is, whether he takes the role or not.

Kris Marshall is a 43-year-old actor who played Nick in the sitcom called My Family, but he was also in Love Actually, Death In Paradise, and a number of other TV series. The Guardian also pointed out that fans are extremely angry about this possible casting, but they originally weren’t happy about Capaldi or Matt Smith in the past either.

So, Mirror states that their source says BBC won’t “risk a woman Doctor” as they “want a David Tennant type.” With their announcement that Kris Marshall is showing up as Doctor Who number 13, bookies have also stopped taking bets on the identity of the new Time Lord.

Right now, there is nothing confirming anything regarding the number 13 doctor in the Doctor Who series, but all rumors point to actor Kris Marshall. Peter Capaldi may be back for the Christmas special or he may not. Tilda Swinton could become the first female doctor, or she may not. The BBC has solidified absolutely nothing, and all that can be done now is to wait and see if all the confusion, anger, and discussion amounts to anything.

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