‘Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans Claps Back At Those Who Insist Fiancé David Eason Is Not The Father Of Her Baby

Jenelle Evans of Teen Mom 2 fame is no stranger to controversy, and the latest rumors swirling around her are about the paternity of her new baby girl, Ensley. Ever since she gave birth to the sweet baby girl, fans and haters have been quietly saying that her fiance David Eason was not the father of the baby.

Many believe that the father of Jenelle Evans’ baby is actually her ex, Kieffer Delp. This is due to the fact that the baby has darker skin than her other children and slightly resembles Delp.

Evidently, an April 10, 2017, Instagram photo of her newborn sparked the rumors, in which her skin did not appear as light as her father’s or Jenelle’s.


While most fans gushed that the child was absolutely beautiful, others weighed in on the paternity of the little girl.

“She’s not David’s anyone can see she is mixed,” one commenter wrote.

Another commenter defended Jenelle Evans and her fiance.

“Ensley is David’s daughter,the reason why the picture looks dark is because Jenelle was using filter when she took the picture,” she stated.

After the rumors started, there were further tales that David was going to get a DNA test to prove to the world once and for all that he was Ensley’s father. Of course, this turned into more rumors, as several commenters speculated that he wouldn’t even bother to go through with something like that if he was absolutely sure that Ensley was his daughter.

Jenelle Evans confirmed that the rumor was totally made up in an exclusive statement to The Dirrty. She concurred with the commenter that stated it was the filter that made the child look dark.


As for the rumor that Delp was the father of Jenelle Evans’ baby? She didn’t have a lot to say, other than to slam down the rumors.

“That’s ridiculous. It’s absolutely not true,” she said.

Jenelle Evans has confirmed that she and Delp have talked “a little bit” on and off since their 2012 split, but denies any rumors that the pair have reunited in any romantic way.

Fans of Teen Mom 2 remember Kieffer due to her mother, Barbara’s hilarious pronunciation of his name, calling him “Kieffah” repeatedly with her strong Boston accent.

Meanwhile, Jenelle Evans is playing happy homemaker with David Eason. The pair have recently bought a big plot of land where they have built a new home for their brood. She recently took Jace, her oldest child, to an Ariana Grande concert, along with David and his daughter from a previous relationship, Maryssa. However, Jenelle expressed displeasure at the concert, stating that she and her kids couldn’t see anything, even though they had splashed out $400 a ticket to see the singer perform live.


Things aren’t all Sally Homemaker for Jenelle Evans, however. She and her mother are now engaged in a vicious battle over Jenelle’s first-born son, Jace. Jenelle signed over custody of him when he was very small, due to the fact that she was unable to care for him in an appropriate manner.

The Teen Mom 2 star has faced her share of issues, including scandals and run-ins with the law, mostly due to her drug use. At one point, Jenelle Evans was using heavy drugs, but her mother has stated that she would give Jace back to her daughter once she “cleaned up her act.” Although Jenelle seems to have not been using for quite a while, Barbara is still reticent to give back 8-year-old Jace due to the fact that he now sees his grandmother as a mother figure.

Time will only tell if Jace will return home to Jenelle Evans. In the meantime, she has her other children to care for.

[Featured Image by Jenelle Evans/Instagram]