Amy Duggar King Pregnancy Rumors: Could She Be Having First Child?

Ever since Amy Duggar King got married people have wondered how soon she would get pregnant. Amy doesn’t do things the same way as her traditional family, though. Where the other Duggars don’t use birth control and get pregnant right away, it appears that Amy may have been doing things her own way and making it where she would have a baby on her own terms. Now, The Hollywood Gossip is sharing that rumors are flying that Amy Duggar King is allegedly pregnant. If this is true, then Amy isn’t ready to share with the fans just yet.

The thing is Amy Duggar King isn’t saying anything about being pregnant, and it is all just speculation at this time. Amy recently posted a picture on her Instagram page that has everyone talking about the way she looked. Amy looked adorable in a flowered dress, but it also looked like she might be covering something up under that dress. Since then, the only picture that Amy has posted was a picture of her cats.


Amy was out on a nice spring day in a gorgeous dress, which could mean nothing at all. The dress is also big enough to hide her stomach if she had a baby bump underneath it. All that the caption said was “God’s glory fills the earth, Jesus is alive! Happy Easter to you and your family!” This didn’t give any hints at all about if Amy might have a baby on the way, but fans were speculating like crazy in their comments. So many people are looking at her and are sure that she is trying to hide something in that outfit.

Amy and Dillon King were just on the show Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars. They had a few issues with their marriage but worked hard to get through it all on the show. Amy revealed a lot of things about her past including the fact that her parents fought all the time and she would actually spend a lot of time outside to avoid being in the house. It appears that they are doing better and now that they have got their marriage worked out it would be the perfect time to decide to have a baby.

A lot of the comments on the post are telling Amy Duggar King to have a great Easter. One follower named brittanyperkins83 said, “brittanyperkins83Just remember you can’t please everyone and I don’t think it was rude at all. What’s rude is complete strangers suggesting you’re pregnant and thinking they have a right to tell you how to live your life. Just be you @amyrachelleking.”

Amy isn’t responding to the people commenting at all, and the fans would love to hear her thoughts.


As the Inquisitr shared recently, Amy Duggar King isn’t the only one who has rumors that she is expecting a baby. The rumors are flying that Jinger Duggar Vuolo might also be pregnant. She allegedly got pregnant on her honeymoon with Jeremy. It has been speculated that Jinger looked pregnant in pictures as well. If she has a baby on the way, she hasn’t shared the news either, but it would be great for Amy and Jinger to have a baby on the way at the same time. Jill is also pregnant at this time.

Do you think that Amy Duggar King is pregnant with her first child? If so, why do you think she hasn’t announced it yet? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts. You also won’t want to miss new episodes of “Counting On” when they return to TLC this summer. If Amy or Jinger is pregnant, they will probably announce it on the show.

[Featured Image by Amy Rachel King/Instagram]