Steve Stephens’ Cleveland Update: Family Of Facebook Killer’s Victim Doesn’t Hate Steve – 911 Call Released

Steve Stephens should turn himself in because Steve isn’t hated by the family of Robert Godwin, says the victim’s family, as seen in the below video interview with Don Lemon of CNN.

Instead of hating Stephens, who has been dubbed the Cleveland Facebook killer, Godwin’s family spoke about forgiveness and love and all falling short of God’s glory as Robert’s family quoted Scripture and spoke of leaning on God to get through this difficult time. Godwin’s ex-wife called Robert her best friend, and praised him for being her best friend (besides the Lord) and said that since they had six children together, they remained close friends, even after divorcing. She was nostalgic about Robert helping her through hard times and taking her to doctor’s appointments and getting her whatever she needed and the lessons he taught about being kind to one another.

Amazingly, with broken hearts, the family of Godwin was able to speak about forgiveness through heartbreak, with Robert’s son saying that a boy needs his father, but despite it all, he doesn’t want to see Stephens killed. For all those calling for graphic ways that the Cleveland Facebook killer should himself be killed and tortured in the wake of such a violent crime broadcast live for the world to see, Robert’s son had a different message. He turned to Romans 12:19 to remind the world that payback belongs to God.

“‘Vengeance is mine, I will repay,’ says the Lord.”

As for Robert’s ex-wife, when Lemon gave her the last word to speak about her thoughts on the entire tragedy, she turned to the popular John 3:16 Bible verse, as reported by Bible Hub, to close out her thoughts on the matter.

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”


The strength of the family is resonating with viewers, even as updates about Stephens are flowing into news reports. A painful 911 call can be listened to via the below tweet from Cleveland 19 News. The 911 caller called Cleveland Police, and complained that he had given his location already three times. That’s when the 911 operator tried to talk the man through helping the shooting victim, Robert, but had a difficult time getting the man to approach the body. The 911 caller said that he had just awakened, and that he was trying to corral his son, who wasn’t yet walking, as he left his house to approach the victim. Plenty of crosstalk can be heard as the 911 operator tries to ascertain if the victim is still breathing and if there’s any help that can be medically administered to him.


The 911 operator attempted to get the 911 caller to get a clean and dry towel or other fabric to hold against the wound to stop the bleeding, and to lay the victim on his back. By the time the 911 caller seemed ready to follow her instructions as he spoke of getting his own child out of the street to safety, the emergency medical personnel has arrived.

As seen in the top photo above, Alexis Lee, a childhood friend of Steve Stephens, talked with another neighbor on Monday, April 17.

Stephens’ childhood home in Cleveland, Ohio, was the subject of photographs in the wake of the nationwide search for Stephens, who is believed to have killed Robert and shocked the world by placing the killing on Facebook in a live video. Other videos show Steve attempting to explain the reasons why he snapped, blaming his crimes on an ex-girlfriend.

Godwin was a father of 10, according to USA TODAY and a grandfather of 14 children.

[Featured Image by Dake Kang/AP Images]