Jinger Vuolo Reminisces About Her Wedding With Never Before Seen Home Footage

Jinger Vuolo Duggar, may have already been married for five months, but that doesn’t stop her from continuing to reminisce about the biggest day in a Duggar girl’s life–her wedding of course! Jinger Vuolo has taken the time to talk about new details of her wedding to Jeremy Vuolo, including home footage shot by her little brothers Jackson and Justin Duggar.

In the video, the younger Duggar siblings capture Jessa Seewald buttoning up Jinger Vuolo’s epic wedding dress while Jennifer Duggar stands to the side and suggests that a zipper might be faster than all of the buttons. Later, Jennifer Duggar, who is known to be a little less expressive than many children, dubs Jinger Vuolo’s wedding as “the most strangest wedding in the world.” Her reasoning is because youngest Duggar sibling, Josie, is wearing a crown of leaves adorned with lights.


Jackson Duggar interviewed his older siblings as they prepare for Jinger Duggar’s big day. All of them, clearly, say they are excited to be celebrating Jinger Vuolo’s nuptials, even if Michael Duggar, son of Josh Duggar, seems a little bit unconvinced.

Jessa Seewald, older sister of Jinger Vuolo, shared insight into her role as matron of honor to her brother’s camera.

“I am very excited to be the matron of honor. I didn’t know that’s what I was until somebody told me. I thought I was a maid of honor, but no, I’m a matron of honor because I’m married,” she said.

Jinger Vuolo chose sister Jessa Seewald for the special role in the wedding because the two are very close in age and have always been extremely close. Fans of the show will remember Jinger Vuolo crying at Jessa’s wedding, as she would now be entering into a new chapter of her life without Jessa constantly by her side.


Last Tuesday, in a Counting On clip, Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo opened up to the audience, revealing even more details about their wedding, which took place at the Cathedral of the Ozarks at John Brown University in Siloam Springs, Arkansas.

Jinger Vuolo revealed that she wasn’t picky like a lot of brides are. Instead, she left a lot of things up to the wedding planner, whom she referred to as “Ms. Cindy.” She even allowed her to take the reigns of her wedding bouquet, something many brides would be totally reticent to do.

But Jinger Vuolo was incredibly pleased with Ms. Cindy’s handiwork.

“I was so excited to see my bouquet. I’ve been waiting for so long. I told her, ‘Just surprise me!’ And so I completely trusted her judgment and when I saw it, I was just amazed at how beautiful it was and how perfect for the wedding day,” she dished.


The pair also told the audience that the legendary Ms. Cindy went all out and provided the couple with soccer ball confetti, a nod to Jeremy Vuolo’s days as a professional soccer player. Michael Duggar, who acted as the ring bearer, sprinkled it down the aisle as he walked, and both Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo loved the added touch.

Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo have now been married for over five months, which is more than enough time for a Duggar to spark pregnancy rumors. Several news outlets have reported that Jinger conceived during her honeymoon in Australia, but the couple has yet to confirm or deny the rumors. Some believe that Jinger Vuolo attempted to squash the rumors by wearing pants to an outing with her sisters, something that is totally unheard of in the Duggar family.

Only time will tell when the pair will debut their first bundle of joy.


[Featured Image by Jinger Vuolo/Instagram]