WWE News: Booker T Says That Adults Can’t Be Bullied, Dismisses JBL Bullying Complaints

Tonight on Monday Night Raw, Booker T will take the stage and work as a color commentator for the show while David Otunga is out shooting a movie. However, there is no telling how the crowd will react to Booker T tonight after he blasted them for chanting “fire JBL” and then made the comment that adults can’t be bullied on his podcast.

The comments were made about SmackDown Live last week when fans chanted “fire JBL” after allegations of JBL bullying Mauro Ranallo led to the WWE announcer quitting the WWE. Ranallo suffers from depression and bipolar issues, which is something that Booker T didn’t seem to think warranted bullying allegations.

“When you get out of high school, I think the bullying rule stops. I think the bullying rule pretty much goes away when you’re a grown man and you’re able to take up for yourself and throw hands, go and talk to someone and say, hey, I don’t feel like I’m being treated right with this commentator here.”

Booker T said that once you are out of high school, there is no bullying and grown men can just fight or walk away and not complain if someone treats them badly. Booker T also pointed out people coming out and talking about JBL bullying people and dismissed them.

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One of the people Booker T talked about was Stevie Richards, who Booker T said was his friend. Stevie Richards was there when JBL entered the ring and bloodied The Blue Meanie with legitimate shots, brutalizing the former ECW star. Booker T only mentioned Stevie Richards’ name, but then ripped into former WWE announcer Justin Roberts.

In his new book, Justin Roberts wrote how JBL had people steal his passport while on a trip to the U.K. Roberts actually had to go to London and have his passport reissued just to get back home. Booker T didn’t talk about that, an incident that former WWE star John Morrison said was true, but he did pile onto Justin Roberts in the comments.

“That’s ridiculous. If you had an issue with JBL, Justin Roberts, when he told you to go buy the beer or whatever and pass it out to everyone on the bus on the overseas tour, you deal with that.”

Booker T also talked about how there were often “pranksters” in the WWE and mentioned the late Brian Pillman. While he was beloved, he often pulled pranks on other wrestlers. Booker T said that since they were men, he would have just beaten up Brian Pillman if he had ever pranked him.

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What Booker T said in his podcast was that adults can’t be bullied and should fight each other when “pranks” happen. JBL is a former professional wrestler and stands 6-6 and 298 pounds. Mauro Ranallo stands 5-9 and weighs 172 pounds. Interestingly, a friend of Ranallo’s – former UFC Champion Basa Rutten has called out JBL on Twitter and recommended that they have it out.

“I have a bone to pick with you regarding strong arming my boy, Mauro Ranallo. Let’s have a man to man discussion, Johnny.”

Booker T also called out the WWE fans, saying that they took part in a “flash mob takeover” against JBL and really has no idea what they are talking about. While Booker T said that a lot of people like Mauro Ranallo, this is the professional wrestling industry and is a different sort of place to work.

When JBL was asked about the bullying accusations, he said that he was just playing a heel and that was all. Booker T backed up JBL on that and said heel announcers have existed since the beginning of wrestling and are just part of the business.

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