‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Spoilers: How Derek Could Ruin Meredith’s Chances Of Moving On With Riggs

Just when Meredith’s romance with Riggs seemed like it was heading in the right direction, Derek’s ghost might derail the whole thing. On a recent episode of Grey’s Anatomy, Riggs found out how much Meredith loved her former husband. Will Derek ruin Meredith’s chances for love?

Hollywood Life reports that Riggs (Martin Henderson) was getting ready for a drink date with Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) when Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) spilled the beans on Meredith’s marriage. Arizona told Riggs that Derek meant the world to Meredith and that she never thought Meredith could ever love someone like that again.

“They were the great love story. Her heart beat for him. He turned her world,” she explained.

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Meredith has never been the same since Derek’s death a few seasons ago. She hasn’t really dived into the dating life yet, although a future with Riggs seemed like a real possibility as Season 13 started to wind down. The latest development, however, casts some real doubt on the situation.

The news shook Riggs, but he still made it to Meredith’s house for the date. Unfortunately, he arrived to find Meredith dealing with a Maggie (Kelly McCreary) situation and had to go home.

Earlier in the season, Meredith backed away from her feelings about Riggs after learning that her sister Maggie (Kelly McCreary) had feelings for him. To make matters worse, Riggs knew about Maggie’s feelings and insisted to Meredith that he just didn’t feel the same way.

Time passed, and just as Meredith and Riggs were maybe going to move forward with their relationship, Maggie’s mother passed away following a quick battle with cancer, sending Maggie into a downward spiral.

Will Meredith and Riggs find happiness? [Image by ABC]

Just as they were about to go out on their first date, Meredith got straight to the point with Riggs and told him that Maggie needed her.

While Meredith, Maggie, and Amelia shared a bonding moment, fans were left wondering what will become of Riggs’ romance with Meredith.

While their future remains unknown, Bustle is reporting that on the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy, Meredith and Riggs grew closer after a close call with a plane crash this season. After some major turbulence, the two doctors worked together to save the lives of those injured.

Despite both Meredith and Riggs flirting with a couple of new characters, they left the place together, but only after Meredith had some major flashbacks about her previous plane crash and the death of her beloved McDreamy.

According to Romper, this isn’t the first plane crash to make its way to Grey’s Anatomy. In the first instance, Cristina, Meredith, Arizona, Derek, Lexie, and Mark were on their way to collect an organ when their plane went down. Arizona had her leg amputated, Derek’s hand almost got destroyed, Lexie and Mark suffered the ultimate fate, and Christina and Meredith were traumatized by the ordeal.

Fans now know that both Meredith and Riggs lived through the latest plane drama. But this is after rumors surfaced that creator Shonda Rhimes might be ready to kill off another major character. Killing off a character isn’t out of the ordinary for the show, although Meredith is probably safe. At the same time, Rhimes doesn’t have a habit of repeating a similar storyline.

Could Riggs come between Maggie and Meredith? [Image by ABC]

Now that they have made it through the plane crash and all signs point to them trying to make their relationship work, how will Maggie react?

Fans can watch Meredith and Maggie sort through their feelings for Riggs when new episodes of Grey’s Anatomy air Thursday nights on ABC.

Tell us! Do you think Meredith and Riggs should come clean about their romance with Maggie? Let us know in the comments, and check out a preview for the next all-new episode below.

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