Brad Pitt Reportedly Enjoys Secret Dates As Exes Including Jennifer Aniston And Kate Hudson Contact

Brad Pitt reportedly is enjoying life as an eligible bachelor, with his exes ranging from Jennifer Aniston to Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Hudson contacting him. Single and allegedly ready to mingle, Pitt also is reported to be going on “secret” dates that just may keep all those ex-girlfriends hoping to get the call.

However, sources told Page Six that Brad likes his bachelor status, and does not plan in the near future to commit to one woman in a romantic relationship.

Brad Pitt reportedly is enjoying secret dates.
Brad Pitt reportedly is enjoying secret dates. [Image by Matt Sayles/AP Images]

“Brad has been dating a bit, but he is extremely careful to keep it secret,” said one of the insiders.

“He’s focused on his kids, and he’s happy — now that he has settled his divorce from Angelina — to be out of the public eye.”

The sources also revealed that the long list of exes who have suddenly contacted Pitt include Kate Hudson, Juliette Lewis, Christina Applegate, Thandie Newton and Gwyneth Paltrow.

“Brad isn’t interested [in rekindling with any exes],” clarified an insider. “No partying, no fun. Just work and parenting.”

Earlier this year, rumors soared that Pitt and Kate Hudson were involved in a secret romance. Yahoo reported that Hudson had confirmed the romantic relationship and that Kate and Brad allegedly had “hooked up” on several occasions.

At two different Golden Globe after-parties, Hudson reportedly was heard telling pals about her romance with the handsome actor. Kate allegedly informed one group of friends that the couple had rendezvoused on “several occasions” in the wake of Pitt’s split from Angelina Jolie.

Although Hudson wasn’t seen with Brad in public as a couple, there was speculation that the two got together privately after the parties. Pitt left the party first, and then Kate was seen chatting with his agent, Bryan Lourd. Hudson reportedly subsequently exited the party in a car with the same license plate number as Brad’s getaway vehicle.

Jennifer Aniston reportedly contacted Brad Pitt.
Jennifer Aniston reportedly contacted Brad Pitt. [Image by Luca Bruno/AP Images]

However, among those exes who have reportedly reached out to connect with Pitt, his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston has been involved with him for the longest period of time. An insider told In Touch that Jennifer contacted Brad in the wake of the death of her mother, Nancy Dow, from whom she was estranged.

The loss of Aniston’s mother has brought her closer to her ex-husband, according to the source. Although Jennifer allegedly got help in therapy to deal with her heartbreak over her mother, she’s reportedly still struggling, said the insider.

“[Jennifer Aniston has] been looking to [Brad] for guidance and advice.”

The source also noted that although Aniston’s current husband, Justin Theroux, is attempting to support Jennifer, it’s Pitt who “understands her better than anyone else.” Consequently, Aniston allegedly “needs Brad more than ever right now,” added the insider.

When Jennifer and her late mom became estranged, Pitt was part of Aniston’s life, according to the source. Aniston and her mother allegedly became estranged when Nancy reportedly sold a story about the couple to a tabloid TV show.

“Brad knows the history of Jen’s complicated relationship with Nancy and doesn’t judge her for the feelings she’s having,” explained the source. “He pointed out that Jen didn’t love her mom, and she’s mourning the loss of the mother she would never know.”

When she heard that insight from her ex-husband, Aniston reportedly felt “deeply touched,” according to the insider. Also, she reportedly feels that Pitt has “evolved” since their marriage and been “tremendously helpful” in her current challenges, noted the source.

“Jennifer is so grateful to have him back in her life.”

As for Justin Theroux, Aniston’s husband was seen getting handsy with Jennifer during a trip to Paris, reported Celeb Dirty Laundry.

Theroux’s romantic gestures were interpreted by some as sending a message to Pitt that Jennifer’s current marriage remains strong. The trip to Paris follows reports that Brad had contacted Aniston to share his struggles.

An insider told Us Weekly that the 53-year-old actor has been texting Jennifer about his split from Angelina Jolie.

“[Pitt] has confided in Jen.”

The source revealed that Jennifer’s ex-husband revealed that he has had challenges in the wake of the breakup, and they exchanged texts. However, Aniston’s current husband isn’t troubled about the communications, according to the insider.

“Justin is OK with them being friends,” said the source. “Jen just wants to be nice.”

[Featured Image by Matt Sayles/Invision/AP Images]