‘Legends Of Tomorrow’: Where Will The CW’s Intrepid Band Of Superhero Time Travelers Go In Season 3?

Unfortunately, the CW’s superhero time traveling show Legends of Tomorrow is off the air till next season. But as annoying as the short run for this show is – as compared with the full season for Arrow or The Flash– it at least leaves plenty of time for speculation about what Season 3 will bring. As noted by Entertainment Weekly, that closing scene in the finale throws the door wide open for what might happen.

The Legends of Tomorrow series has never shied away from doing the outrageous or the highly unusual. In fact, that’s largely been its raison d’etre. From going back in time to encounter Guinevere to fighting across the battlefields of World War I for the blood of Christ, virtually anything can happen when you’re talking time travel.

Damien Darhk on Legends of Tomorrow. [Image by The CW]

Of course, things are not going to be exactly the same in the upcoming season – nor would we want them to be. For one thing, Rip Hunter is gone again and it looks like this time it might just be for good. Yes, we could get the occasional cameo, but Arthur Darvill’s exit this time seemed much more serious and permanent.

So now it will be entirely up to Sara to lead the crew of the Waverider in their exciting and often insane careening through time and space. Yes, she had already been doing that following Rip’s last exit from the Legends of Tomorrow, but now it’s her full-time job.

Then there’s the fact that Nate and Amaya have apparently finally decided they want to be a couple after all. The will he, will she back-and-forth ambiguity of this last season was actually one of the most annoying plot points of the series. Hopefully, Season 3 won’t see any of that

Another sad loss for the show will be the Reverse-Flash. This villain made a far more interesting and challenging one for the Legends of Tomorrow team than last season’s Vandal Savage – who turned out to be quite a disappointment after his promising start on Arrow.

Legends of Tomorrow with Reverse Flash. [Image by The CW]

But of course, there was no way they were going to keep using the same big bad into the third season. Who the new adversary will be isn’t quite clear. In fact, it’s not even clear that there will be a “big bad” per se in the upcoming season of Legends of Tomorrow.

Looking at the final scene in which the WaveRider crashed into a version of 2017’s Los Angeles, it’s easy to see that all that tampering that the crew did while trying to stop the Season 2 villains really screwed things up. So it may be that the challenge of Season 3 will be fixing all the damage they caused in Season 2.

Or maybe not. Whether that’s it depends on exactly what’s happened. Obviously, present-day Los Angeles doesn’t look anything like what we saw in the rather mediocre CGI rendering of the city in the final episode. Certainly, there are no dinosaurs running around the real Los Angeles. At least not yet.

In addition, we have Sarah saying to all assembled that they apparently had “broken time” with their time traveling shenanigans. Certainly, what they saw out the window looked like a hodgepodge of different time periods, but there are other possible explanations for what the producers are planning.

The temporal storm they encountered at the end of the episode may have had the effect of pushing them not forward in time but across time to an alternate Earth – like Earth 2 or Earth 3 on The Flash. Except this wouldn’t be either of those Earths, so what could it be?

Some comic book nerds think that this might be the producer’s way of introducing the world of Kamandi. Kamandi was a comic book character that Jack Kirby created during the brief stint he had it DC. Described as “the last boy on earth” on the cover of every issue, Kamandi spent his time fighting for survival and freedom against mutated animals who had turned on humanity. While the CGI costs for that kind of thing might be a bit high, something a little simpler with dinosaurs might be possible next season on Legends of Tomorrow.

[Featured Image by The CW]

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