‘The Flash’ Season Finale Spoilers: Leaked Footage From ‘The Flash’ Suggest Surprising Twist For Barry Allen

Recently leaked footage from The Flash season finale – if that’s what it is – points to a surprising twist for Barry Allen and also serves to shoot down certain rumors about who Savitar might or might not be. The following is going to contain potentially massive spoilers for the entire season, so you’ve been warned.

As reported by Cinema Blend, there were a number of still images released from the set of The Flash. But the most significant leaked item about the upcoming episodes for the scarlet speedster was a bit of video footage clearly shot from someone’s phone. This footage seems to show the entire Flash crew – or almost the entire group – gathered together at an exterior location following a funeral.

Grant Gustin and John Wesley Shipp as the Flash. [Image by The CW]

First off, it should be noted in a spoilery way that Jay Garrick is a member of this funeral group, which means that the Flash – or someone – does in fact figure out a way to get him back out of the speed force. Whether this was done by exchanging someone else again or just offing Savitar isn’t clear, but it means Jay is not Savitar.

This brings up the question of just whose funeral it was. In that regard, the only people who seem to be missing from the scene are Jesse Quick, Earth 2 Harrison Wells and Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost.

Now we already know that Jesse Quick went off to Earth 3 to fill in for Jay Garrick while he was trapped in the speed force, but since Jay Garrick himself is in the scene there wouldn’t seem to be a reason for her to have remained on Earth 3. Unless of course they only just got Garrick out of the speed force and haven’t told her about it yet.

Jesse Quick and the Flash. [Image by The CW]

But in theory at least, the funeral could have been for Jesse Quick. It might seem strange at first that Harrison Wells from Earth 2 wouldn’t have been there for his daughter’s funeral, but since this was shot from a cell phone, the second Harrison Wells couldn’t have been composited into the scene yet. So maybe they were adding him later.

On the other hand, given that Caitlin Snow isn’t in the scene and that she became Killer Frost in the last episode we saw, it may be that she’s the one in the coffin. Flash, Cisco, or someone else on the team might have been forced to kill her to stop her from doing whatever she was up to. On the other hand, the character might have been redeemed by sacrificing herself at the last moment for all of them.

A third possibility for who’s in the coffin might seem ridiculous, but if some fan theories about the identity of Savitar are correct, it could be him that’s in the coffin. Follow.

A number of fans and reviewers are beginning to suspect that Savitar is going to turn out to be a future version of Barry Allen himself. There are many reasons for thinking this, not the least of which is that the very first time the Flash encounters Savitar, he says he is, “the future, Flash.” But many people wonder if he’s really saying, “the future Flash.” Commas make all the difference in life and drama.

If this is the case, then it may be that when the team finally finds a way to defeat Savitar they have to kill him. And since the him in question would – if this theory is correct – be Barry Allen, then it would be natural enough for them to give him a funeral – despite everything.

One last spoiler from the leaked The Flash video that suggests this last option might be the case is the appearance of Barry Allen’s speed force mother at the end of the sequence – apparently traveling from the speed force itself to take Barry back with her. This suggests that Barry has finally screwed up things so completely with all of his time traveling that he’s being – at least temporarily – removed from the chessboard.

[Featured Image by The CW]

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