WWE News: More People Speak Out On JBL Bullying Rumors And Allegations

The entire story of JBL bullying people has reached a huge level as mainstream media outlets have picked up the allegations against the WWE Hall of Fame legend and current SmackDown Live announcer. This all started thanks to the fact that fellow SmackDown Live announcer Mauro Ranallo has apparently left the WWE and JBL bullying allegations have risen as the reason.

Now, more and more people are stepping forward and talking about the alleged JBL bullying incidents from the past. Former WWE announcer Justin Roberts has been out talking about his recently released book about his time spent in the WWE. Part of the book included stories of how JBL bullied him. Roberts spoke to Press Box Online about his JBL bullying stories from the book, which includes a 2003 incident.

"Everybody has heard JBL bullying stories, but now that this book has come out and people read about the type of stuff that went on, I think it gives them more of an idea that this could be a real thing."
The 2003 incident in the book involved someone stealing Justin Roberts' passport while on an overseas trip. It was called a "prank" but it forced Roberts to go to London to have his documents reissued before he could return to the United States.

However, JBL took to Twitter to deny the allegations and said he had nothing to do with the passport being stolen and that anyone could have taken it because everyone hated Justin Roberts. He then called Roberts an "idiot" in the tweet. JBL also took to Twitter to deny bullying Mauro Ranallo, saying he just plays a "heel" and that he wishes Ranallo "nothing but the absolute best."

WWE News: More People Speak Out On JBL Bullying Rumors and Allegations
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JBL has been on a tear since then. Mauro Ranallo went onto Twitter and thanked everyone for their well-wishes. After this, many people on Twitter have said that they shared Mauro's tweet and then found that JBL immediately blocked them from his Twitter account.

Justin Roberts also did a Ask Me Anything on Reddit and someone asked about the JBL bullying allegations. In his answer, Roberts said that he terrorized a lot of people - including The Miz and John Morrison - and actually allegedly told Roberts to "go kill" himself.

John Morrison, who now wrestles for Lucha Underground, spoke to Deadspin about the Justin Roberts story and said it was actually true. According to Morrison, JBL asked him and Joey Mercury to steal the passport themselves but they refused.

Former WWE superstar Shawn Davari went onto Pancakes and Powerslams to talk about the JBL bullying allegations and said they were absolutely true. Davari said that JBL will decide he doesn't like someone and will target them.

He said that JBL was bullying Edge on a bus overseas when Edge was new to the company. Edge slapped the beer out of JBL's hand and then JBL told him to calm down and never messed with him again. The same thing happened with John Morrison and said that he almost went at it with JBL before JBL backed down.

Former WWE announcer Rich Brennan was on Under the Mat Radio and was asked about the JBL bullying allegations. He said that JBL was very hard to work with because he was "Vince McMahon's guy" and he had free reign to do anything he wanted. He said that he could see JBL giving Mauro Ranallo a hard time.

Interestingly, JBL admitted in 2010 to bullying people in the past, including admitting to hazing The Miz. When asked if he felt bad about it, JBL simply said he makes no apologies for it because everyone was hazed back them for a good reason and he doesn't "give a s**t" what anyone thinks about it.

The most obvious time that JBL went over the line was at the ECW One Night Stand PPV event back in 2005. The ECW guys and WWE guys started brawling with each other and JBL went off script and legitimately beat Blue Meanie with hard shots that left him bloody and dazed.

WWE News: More People Speak Out On JBL Bullying Rumors and Allegations
[Image by WWE]

No one will likely know the truth about the JBL bullying accusations when it comes to Mauro Ranallo. The WWE announced that Ranallo, who suffers from depression issues and is bipolar, is under contract until August. His contract does not allow him to take part in unauthorized interviews.

Mauro Ranallo is set to return to the world of MMA and will call a card with Frank Shamrock on FITE TV. There is no way the WWE would have allowed this to happen unless a deal was made. Mauro is likely to make any disparaging comments about the WWE - at least not while he is under contract to the company.

Not everyone is piling onto the JBL bullying allegations. WWE legend Kevin Nash took to Twitter and said that JBL is a man's man and that he always tries to help talent. He then told people to not "be a b**ch" when it comes to the allegations. Alberto Del Rio, who has blasted Triple H publicly lately, also came out and told Sports Illustrated that he does not think JBL is a bully.

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