2NE1’s Sandara ‘Dara’ Park Ready For A Solo Comeback, 13 Years After First Album

Sandara Park (Dara) is preparing for a huge solo debut after last year’s 2NE1 disbandment—but did you know that this is not her first solo album?

Sandara Park, or most commonly known to many K-Pop fans as Dara, is a former member of K-Pop girl group 2NE1. Formed by YG Entertainment, 2NE1 first came out in 2009 with song “Fire,” which led to many more hit songs, awards, and international fame.

In November of last year, however, 2NE1 finally hit its wall and officially announced the disbandment of the group, Billboard reported. Although the group disbanded, member CL and Dara were reported to have renewed their contracts with YG as solo artists.

2NE1 at the MTV Video Music Awards Japan [Image by Ken Ishii/Getty Images]
2NE1 at the MTV Video Music Awards Japan [Image by Ken Ishii/Getty Images]

This brings us to Dara’s new career as a solo artist, debuting both in the music and drama industry.

We have seen Sandara Park’s newest movie, One Step, which is her first leading role in a Korean film. One Step is a musical movie that follows the story of Si Hyun (played by Dara Park) and Ji Il (played by Han Jae Suk). The paths of Si Hyun and Ji Il cross as Si Hyun finds her way back to her memories and Ji Il tries to recover his lost music.

The film has already released in Korean theaters this April, but Viva Films is reportedly bringing the movie to the Philippines, as well, on May 2017.

Following the success of One Step, Sandara has also released the music video for the film’s OST, also entitled “One Step.”


Huge Dara and 2NE1 fans would know that Sandara Park’s first rise to fame started in the Philippines, after winning second place in a talent search competition entitled Star Circle Quest. Before Dara became the huge K-Pop celebrity that she is now, thanks to 2NE1’s success, Sandara was then enjoying a modest amount of popularity in the Philippines, starring in a number of major television dramas and films such as Sandara’s Romance, Crazy For You, Bcuz Of U, Can This Be Love, and D’ Lucky Ones.

Shortly after her rise to fame, and mainly due to controversies surrounding her love team with Hero Angeles, she left the Philippines to jumpstart her career in Korea.

Now that 2NE1 has finally disbanded, 2NE1 members are finding their ways into solo careers. Idolatorreports that Minzy has recently announced her first solo English album entitled “Uno,” which will contain five or six songs with Asian-American rapper Flowsik.


And now, looks like Sandara Park is also preparing for her own solo album, too. Soompi reports that Dara is currently working with YG producers to create a solo album.

I have been visiting YG producers lately and loitering around the studio. I think I’ll have to go with a different genre from 2NE1’s music for my solo. Because what I can do alone versus with members will be different. I think I’ll be able to show a fun image that is more bright and fresh.

Dara Park also shares that she has encountered many difficulties with regards to her singing, which may have caused a delay in the release of the solo album.

Dara Park ready for a solo comeback [Image by Son Hoang Tran / Shutterstock.com]
Dara Park ready for a solo comeback [Image by Son Hoang Tran / Shutterstock.com]

There was a period where I felt diminished because of my voice’s tone. When you look at 2NE1’s sad songs I don’t have many parts. It’s because my tone is high and sounds happy even though it’s a sad song. Making the tone that I was born with into something of my own color so that people can listen to it comfortably is my assignment. I have tried lowering my tone, but I think a certain charm can be found in my tone. I have changed my mind to try to bring out the positive aspects [of it].

If you’re excited about Sandara Park’s upcoming solo album, you’ll be surprised to know, however, that she has actually released her first solo album 13 years ago, back when she was still in the Philippines. Her self-titled album, “Sandara,” was released under Star Records back in 2004 and includes six singles. Discogs lists the six songs inside the album: “In or Out,” “Mapapasagot Mo Kaya,” “Smile in Your Heart,” “Sabi Ko Na Nga Ba,” “Dear Heart,” and “Walang Sabit.”

Dara Park sings “Smile in Your Heart” entirely in English, and she’s actually pretty good in it!

Thirteen years after the “Sandara” album, Dara is finally releasing another solo album, and her fans are looking forward to it.

Sandara Park reveals as follows.

“Personally, I would like to release a solo album this summer. Of course, I haven’t talked about it with Yang Hyun Suk yet. I think he’ll be surprised when he sees the report.”

[Featured Image by Son Hoang Tran/Shutterstock.com]