‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Unraveling The Anna Mystery, How Valentin Comes To Her Rescue With Nina’s Help

Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) is acting strangely and does not seem like herself, and General Hospital fans have caught on that something is amiss. Anna has been acting mysteriously and frustrating the agenda of Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) since leaving town and returning. Could Alex be impersonating Anna? Does Cesar Faison have something do with Anna’s unusual behavior? How does Nina feel about Valentin’s lies concerning the watch?

Warning: Big General Hospital spoilers follow concerning Anna and Valentin. If you would prefer not to know the entire Anna storyline which culminates in a shocking revelation in May sweeps week, do not read any further. Die hard General Hospital fans enjoy the inside scoop.

Mystery 1: Anna Is Distancing Herself From Her Friends

Finola Hughes (‘General Hospital’s’ Anna Devane) attends the 43rd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards 2016. [Image by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP Images]

Anna has been trying to avoid both Andre Maddox (Anthony Montgomery) and Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen). She tries to avoid in-depth conversations with them and is abrupt and short and only has the absolute necessary conversations with them.

Mystery unraveled: “Anna” is trying to avoid Anna’s real friends because they know her well. She will not be able to recall past incidents or pass the scrutiny of those closest to Anna.

Mystery 2: Anna Lied To Andre About Investigating Valentin

Anna gets caught in her web of lies concerning her investigation of Valentin. On the one hand, she put “distance” between herself and the Valentin war. Laura Spencer (Genie Francis) also could not quite put her finger on something being wrong when she heard that Anna had distanced herself from the Valentin war.

On the other hand, Anna tells Andre that she is on an investigation into Valentin with the permission of the WSB. Andre had to remind Anna that he has WSB clearance because he is a consultant for them too. Anna entangles herself further in her lies when she says that Andre’s clearance isn’t high enough.

Mystery Unraveled: “Anna” is secretly spying on Valentin for someone else. She needs the cover of the WSB to be able to investigate without raising suspicions.

Mystery 3: Anna’s Ever-Improving Health

General Hospital fans know that Anna has blood cancer. She was in General Hospital just a short while ago and was extremely sick. Yet when Nina Clay Cassadine (Michelle Stafford) slaps her, Anna slams her face down onto the table. Nina is not a little waif, and it would require the strength of a fully-grown healthy woman to do that.

Mystery Unraveled: General Hospital fans shouldn’t be waylaid by the bandage “Anna” wears around her hand. It would be easy for “Anna” to fake illness, but it’s not easy to hide health, and physically dominating another person shows that you are in good health.

Putting All The Pieces Together: Who is Anna? Where Did Anna Go To? Who Is Sitting Behind The Valentin Vendetta?

Who is really spying on Valentin (James Patrick Stuart)? [Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]

General Hospital fans may remember that Anna was flabbergasted when Valentin told her about how she seduced him and slept with him. The truth is that Anna never did sleep with Valentin, it was her twin sister Alexandra Devane. Anna then left Port Charles in search of Alexandra to ask her if it was she who had slept with Valentin.

Anna never returned to Port Charles because she had fallen into Cesar Faison (Anders Hove) and Alex’s trap. Faison has the real Anna in captivity while Alex is living Anna’s life. Alex is working for Faison and the DVX and has the perfect undercover role as Anna of the WSB. She now has the opportunity to spy on Valentin under the guise of doing it for the WSB.

Andre knows that “Anna” is eavesdropping on Valentin. She manages to spy on him through a watch that she gave to Valentin as a gift. The watch has a listening device embedded in its strap. Valentin did have the watch checked out but the strap was never checked.

Nina Is Key To Anna’s Freedom

Valentin and Nina’s marriage have been under excessive strain lately. The newlyweds face another battle when Nina finds out that Valentin lied to her about buying the watch that Anna had given him. Nina found the box in the trash. The note that came with the gift said that time healed all things, in reference to the watch.

According to General Hospital’s official Twitter account, Nina figured out Valentin’s lie.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Nina will be livid and steals and breaks the watch. In doing this she discovers the listening device. Nina shows Valentin the listening device with the intention of proving to him that he cannot trust Anna.

Valentin then starts putting the pieces together and realizes that Anna is Alex. Valentin also figures out that Faison is behind Anna’s disappearance because Faison and Helena (Constance Towers) are partners in crime, and Helena is his sworn enemy.

Valentin then embarks on a mission to find Anna and to rescue her from Faison. A showdown commences between Valentin and Faison, which may culminate in Valentin killing Faison in order to set Anna free.

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