‘The Walking Dead’ EP Scott Gimple Not Happy About Major Spoiler Leak

Nick Younker - Author

Apr. 16 2017, Updated 12:11 a.m. ET

The Walking Dead has had one major problem since the show began back in October of 2010 on AMC, and that is spoilers leaking. That includes spoilers on the set of production for TWD all the way to spoilers leaking on IMDb, which happened after Glenn’s fake death halfway through Season 6 of the show.

Last summer when The Walking Dead was filming Season 7 of the show, they had to fight massive spoilers leaks on the set by filming the deaths of all the major characters that were lined up in front of Negan for the first time. The reason was because fans were infiltrating the set and flying drones over the production to see who got the bat.

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This year with filming Season 8 of The Walking Dead, there was not a cliffhanger scene for fans to make a run at, so the spoilers will be harder to find. But fans of The Walking Dead are so crafty and intuitive that they find any and every way to get a spoiler out of TWD.

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There was one spoiler in particular that The Walking Dead EP and showrunner Scott Gimple was not too happy about, but some might say that it was bound to happen in one way or another. When Scott Gimple sat down to speak with TV Line about that spoiler, he even said that he had some talks with rival companies to help him keep it under wraps.

That spoiler for The Walking Dead was the fate of the main character Sasha, played by Sonequa Martin-Green, which was expected by fans of The Walking Dead due to her being cast in a major new show on CBS All Access, Star Trek.

When Scott Gimple found out about her casting, he said that he had spoken with executives over at CBS All Access and they tried to accommodate him, but fate was not on his side. The Walking Dead had yet another major spoiler out by the ingenuity of TWD fans who got the scoop and easily filled in the blanks.

“We were hoping to [keep her casting on the D.L.], but it didn’t happen, which was kind of a drag,” Scott Gimple said. “It seems like they did try, it just got out. But that just put it on us to tell a great story. The episode is the most important thing.”

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There was perhaps no way the spoiler for Sasha’s death on The Walking Dead could have stayed in the closet after the CBS All Access leak. It was just too big of news for TWD fans not to pick up on, and the story broke with extreme popularity on major news sites and social media.

But in regards to the producers of The Walking Dead killing her off because she got cast on Star Trek, that simply is not true. The decision to kill off Sasha on Season 7 of The Walking Dead was already in motion, and it was somewhat of a simulation to how Holly died in the comic books, but not an exact replica.

“The folks over at Star Trek got lucky with the timing,” Scott Gimple said about Sasha’s death on The Walking Dead.

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As for the spoilers on Season 8 of The Walking Dead, things are being kept tight at the moment, but Scott Gimple still had something interesting to say about it.

“It’s going to be different. They aren’t going to meet in Alexandria every weekend and do that,” Scott Gimple said about Season 8 of The Walking Dead. “There are twists and turns to it, definitely some small-scale things and some large-scale things and a whole different momentum to the story. Now that [the various factions] are in public conflict and everything is on the table as far as everybody knows who everybody is to each other and what’s going on, the narrative changes a lot. It’s going to become a bit more kinetic and fast-moving, because that’s where the story is going. The content is definitely going to be determining the form.”

Season 8 of The Walking Dead is expected to premiere sometime in the middle of October this year on AMC.

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