WWE News: Maryse Nude Photo Selfie Accidentally Sent To WWE Locker Room?

A few weeks back, several former WWE Divas and current female WWE Superstars had nude images of them leaked to the internet, and it seems as if Maryse was not immune from this, sort of. As previously mentioned, several women in the WWE now and from the past were affected by a mass nude photo leak a few weeks back, and it truly was a terrible time for them. These women of WWE were not alone, however, as several actresses had their photos leak too.

This was not a mass leak on the scale of what we saw with the “fappening” a few years back, but it was a lot of people that were affected by the situation. Naturally, seeing this happen again would be terrible as no woman should ever see her intimate images leak to the world. However, it can suck just as much to see a photo leak to friends and co-workers when you never intend it to.

On this week’s WWE Total Divas show, it appears that E! Network had an incidental idea that worked out for them randomly. The synopsis for the show this week reads as follows.

“Trinity and Renee get fed up with Lana’s behavior and an epic fight ensues; Maryse accidentally sends a nude selfie to a bunch of WWE Superstars; Brie debates if she wants to have a kid.”

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This all is big for the show of WWE Total Divas, but it is clearly behind a bit considering recent developments. We know Lana at one point did have real heat on her for various reasons the last few years. That being played up on another WWE program makes total sense, considering the past. However, another one that is going to stand out as crazy would be the part involving Brie Bella.

Brie is pregnant right now and could be delivering her and Daniel Bryan’s first child literally any day now. At the end of the day, we all know what Brie Bella decided to do…so that part is pretty much easy to know about. However, the big story that stuck out to everyone when they saw the synopsis was clearly Maryse having a nude selfie leak around the WWE locker room.

Obviously, Maryse is married to WWE Superstar The Miz and just came back to the WWE last year. In fact, her comeback to WWE was really useful as the company wanted to add her to WWE Total Divas and E! Network was in favor. Her return to the WWE was good due to her relationship, as she wanted to be with her husband more because of the fact that he is on the road a lot for the WWE. Meanwhile, the company saw dollar signs as they could add two new characters to their reality show.

Incidentally, Maryse and Miz are big on acting and like taking on as many roles as they are offered. Playing characters is what they enjoy, so playing who they play on television is ideal. The issue is, WWE may go too far and some would say they did this time around. The nude photo most likely was supposed to go to her husband but ended up going to various people in the WWE locker room….so drama will ensue from there it seems.

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For those unaware, WWE Total Divas may be called a reality show but it is just as scripted as any other WWE product with a bit more give considering they have to keep the reality show feel. That being said, Maryse did not have a nude photo leak to the WWE locker room for real. However, Maryse has posed for Playboy in the past so nude photos of her are already online and have been for around a decade now.

With that being known, it is interesting that WWE Total Divas was able to bring this topical story up. They clearly taped this months ago, so it was of course not something they planned to occur. With the recent nude photo leaks online happening in just the last month, it is surely interesting that the WWE reality show was able to deal with such a topical thing like this. Most would assume WWE would stay far away from this topic and never want anyone looking things up online.

That does not seem to be the case this time for WWE, however. Obviously, WWE fans know about all of the leaks the last number of weeks because it became such a huge story when it occurred. However, no one had heard anything about a Maryse leak. If this did actually happen to Maryse, and it is not something WWE made up for a storyline to work on the show, then WWE has done a great job hiding it literally for months now. However, it is doubtful that it happened for real.

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