‘The Originals’ Season 4 Spoilers: Riley Voelkel On Freya Mikaelson, Keelin, Love, And Hope’s Powers

The Originals Season 4 continues to be intense and intriguing. Episode 5 aired on The CW network on Friday night, and fans are wondering what to expect next. Recently, Riley Voelkel spoke about her character, Freya Mikaelson. She also discussed Keelin (Christina Moses), Hope’s (Summer Fontana) powers, and the possibility of romance.

Spoilers might be ahead. Do not continue reading if you are not caught up with The Vampire Diaries spinoff.

There is an evil entity that the characters of The Originals are dealing with in Season 4. Called “The Hollow,” it has found two potential hosts: Marcel Gerard (Charles Michael Davis) and Klaus Mikaelson (Joseph Morgan). The blue orb, which also threatened Hope Mikaelson, needs only one of the hosts alive to achieve ultimate power. However, the other won’t get away unscathed. There is much more going on in The CW series, but right now, The Hollow is the main threat.

Speaking to Collider, Riley Voelkel discussed her character always making the difficult decisions in order to protect the Mikaelson family. Even though she does have a responsibility, Freya starts to see that she should be living life. This opens up the door to the character possibility having a romance in the future.

“… when they captured Keelin, Hayley and Elijah were like, ‘We’re still being bad things, in order to protect this family. At what point do we start living life?’ I think that in this season, you’ll start to see Freya also realize that and realize that there are things outside of always being the one to protect the family, and possibly have a vulnerable side and relationships outside of the family.”

Even though Keelin was initially being forced to help the family, the dynamic has changed.

“She’s realizing that Keelin is actually a person of her word who’s willing to help and who almost wants to help. There is a connection there. We see a slight disappointment when the deal is done and Keelin did what she asked and Freya is like, ‘You’re free to go now.’ It was almost fun or easier to have this partner in all of this stuff that Freya is normally alone is. There is a weird connection there, and we don’t normally see that.”

When asked if it is possible that a romance might be in Freya’s future, Voelkel believes that it is could happen. She also stated that The Originals character deserves a caring relationship. However, she said that Freya would have a hard time accepting someone’s love. She never puts herself first and doesn’t really connect with others. Riley explained that for Freya to have someone else care “freaks her out.” Even so, a good TV show has characters that evolve, develop, and learn. Klaus, Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin), and others have changed over the past few years due to certain circumstances and situations. It seems that Freya might be changing, too.

“She’s usually very much on her own, being the big sister. But there’s a pretty big change in Freya, or an opening to Freya, that I think the fans will really like.”

When The Originals Season 4 premiered, there was a five-year time jump. Klaus and Hayley’s daughter is no longer a baby. Now, she is 7-years-old and has powers. Some of her abilities impress Klaus, such as her being able to heal animals. However, because she is still young, those powers will grow stronger. Since Freya also grew up with the “power curse,” she understands what Hope is going through.

What do you think of what Riley Voelkel had to say about Freya Mikaleson? What kind of changes do you think The Originals character will go through in Season 4?

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