‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Daily Spoilers For Week April 17-21: Who Leaked Forresters’ Designs To Spectra?

Bold and the Beautiful viewers were left stunned on Friday, April 14 when not only was the Spectra Fashions Show a resounding success but once again Spectra had managed to steal the Forresters’ new designer collection. Forrester is in damage-control mode and trying to pinpoint how Spectra stole their designs, while the team at Spectra are celebrating their success.

Here are all the juicy spoiler tidbits for the week ahead for those who want to be in the know about the lives of the Bold and The Beautiful characters.

Monday, April 17 2017

As the initial shock of Forrester’s designs being stolen by Spectra dies down, the Forresters are looking for someone to blame on the leaked designs. Thomas is especially torn because Sally had broken his heart, but he would never have thought that she would have betrayed him like this.

Coco, Sally’s sister, is an intern at Forrester. She puts two and two together and realizes that her family used her to gain access to the designs that Spectra is now taking credit for. She had taken time off to watch her family’s fashion show and had even wished Sally good luck!


Tuesday, April 18 2017

The Forresters are still trying to figure out who leaked the designs, and according to CBS they call an emergency meeting to discuss and deal with the implications of the Spectra Fashion show and how this impacts them as a business.

Spectra’s first fashion show was a massive success, and Sally should be on cloud nine now that she has achieved what she has set out to do. Despite the triumph of the new collection for Spectra, Sally feels guilty after she sees Thomas. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal that Sally feels a deep sense of regret because it was Thomas who put his heart on his sleeve and declared his love for her.

Courtney Hope at Teen Impact
Courtney Hope at Teen Impact, 2014. [Image by JMA/STAR MAX/IPx/AP Images]

Wednesday, April 19 2017

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal that the claws come out today as Coco finally confronts her sister Sally for using her as a pawn to steal Forresters’ designs for Spectra. She had no idea that Sally was using her for that purpose and is livid because it puts her job as an intern at Forresters on the line. She knows that sooner or later the Forresters will discover that Sally had used her and then she may lose her job as well, not to mention the impact it will have on her relationship with RJ Forrester. Will Sally and Coco’s relationship ever heal?

Of course, Thomas and RJ come under Forresters’ scrutiny since both of them have romantic with the Spectras. Steffy bans Thomas and RJ from all contact with the Spectras from that point onwards. Steffy also tells Sally that she’s done with the

Thursday, April 20 2017

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal that Brooke will return something precious to Bill that has been missing for a long time.

Katie decides to go through with her plan, and she makes a surprise visit to Quinn in order to collect on a promise that Quinn had previously made to her.

Friday, April 21 2017

Katherine Kelly Lang Don Diamont Monte Carlo Film Festival
Don Diamont and Katherine Kelly Lang at theMonte Carlo Film FPascal Le Segretain

The Inquisitr indicated previously that Brooke was about to surprise Bill, and the moment has arrived. Bold and the Beautiful viewers will be granted a much-needed break from a tension-filled week as Brooke decides to spoil Bill with some love and attention. She surprises Bill with a thoughtful and touching display of her feelings by spoiling him with some of his favorite things to show her gratitude for his perseverance and undying loyalty to her. Brooke turns on the charm for a much-needed romantic interlude between the two lovebirds.

Ridge is no longer a young man and shows great insight when he quickly catches onto Katie’s true motivation. He correctly determines that Katie has a scheme to get back at Quinn for her past faults. Katie will need to watch her step if she doesn’t want to suffer the wrath of The Bold and the Beautiful’s Ridge Forrester.

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