‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Nicole and Brady’s Plan To Get Rid Of Sex Addict Scooter And Hilary

Nicole (Arianne Zucker) may finally get rid of Scooter (Robb Derringer) the sex addict next week, as she and Brady (Eric Marstolf) have masterminded a plan to get rid of him. Scooter has been blackmailing Nicole because he knows all her secrets, and he is willing to expose them. Days of Our Lives very own sex addict has been a thorn in Nicole’s side, to the extent that she even thought about killing Scooter.

Has Scooter Set The Price Too High?

Nicole Walker Scooter Sex Addict
Nicole Is Fed Up With Being Blackmailed By Scooter [Image by NBC]

Scooter has been blackmailing Nicole. This college professor is not as innocent as he seems. His wife Hilary (Jennifer Landon) told Nicole in confidence that Scooter is addicted to pornography. The only reason she has let him watch pornography online is that she has no tolerance for cheating.

At that point, Nicole was worried that Scooter might recognize her from her past life as an adult entertainment star under the name Misty Circle. Nicole’s instincts were spot on, and Scooter did realize who she was. Not only that but Scooter started to dig into who Misty Circle really was and discovered Nicole’s true identity.

Nicole is wanted in Salem for the kidnapping of her daughter, Holly. She changed her identity in order to raise the most important person in her life with Brady, the man she loves. In the meantime, Scooter had found the perfect leverage for him to make all of his sexual fantasies come true. After all, isn’t it true that a mother will do anything for her child? Days of Our Lives’ viewers already know that Nicole has committed a crime to keep Holly, how far will she go in order to keep her child safe?

Warning: Spoilers ahead. Please don’t read ahead unless you want to know what lies ahead for this Days of Our Lives mother.

Will The True Motives of Scooter and Hilary be Revealed?

Here’s what we do know. Nicole has considered killing Scooter, but since Hilary is a cop, that might not be the best solution as she will probably leave no stone unturned to discover who murdered her husband. However, we also know that both Jennifer Landon and Robb Derringer leave Days of Our Lives next week, meaning that this storyline is coming to a close.

Scooter is also getting impatient with Nicole stalling on giving in to his demands. He wants to make those hot fantasies come true as soon as possible. However, Scooter isn’t the only one who is fed up. Nicole is a dangerous woman when threatened, hence, her trip to the gun store.

Days of Our Lives behind-the-scenes photos reveal Hilary in a titillating outfit which begs the question about Hilary’s real role in this fiasco. Is Hilary in on Scooter’s devious blackmail threats? Are they doing this for secret thrills? Is Hilary manipulating Nicole by constantly telling her a sob story while hoping that Nicole will take action against Scooter?

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Brady and Nicole will come up with a plan to get rid of Scooter and Hilary for once and for all. The spoilers also hint that Eric’s intuition is also telling him that Nicole is in trouble. Could he help Nicole in her time of need?

Arianne at Days of Our Lives 50th Anniversary
Arianne Zucker at Days of Our Lives' 50th Anniversary [Image by Vivien Killilea / Stringer/Getty Images]

Arianne is Leaving Days of Our Lives, Does This Form Part of Her Exit Story?

With the Scooter and Nicole blackmailing storyline coming to an end, it begs the question as to what Nicole will be up to next.

Arianne Zucker has quit Days of Our Lives, according to a recent article by the Inquisitr, and she will be written out within a few months. Does this mean Nicole will return to Salem? Will she return with Holly? How will Nicole’s final months in Salem play out? Will this Days of Our Lives character that all her fans have come to know and love leave with a bang? “Like sands through the hourglass,” only time will tell what the future holds for Nicole Walker.

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