A Comedian Who Faked A Mexican Accent In A College Speech Class For Three Months, Finally Comes Clean [Video]

Gregory Wakeman

For the past four months, Jose Barrientos, an Iraq War veteran turned stand-up comedian, has been faking a Mexican accent in his public speaking class. But earlier this month, he finally revealed to a room full of his shocked classmates that he had been pranking them the entire time.

Having enrolled in Speech 101 at the Los Angeles City College, Barrientos, decided to create an alter ego, and disguised himself as a new Mexican immigrant. This cover-up meant that Barrientos had to create a fake history and personality, which included a deep and undying love for the actor David Hasselhoff, plus a story that revolved around him riding a donkey to school every day in his native land.

However, Barrientos, recently decided to reveal to his school chums that it had all been a lie, but documented his ordeal in a Youtube video that has now gone viral. You can watch the footage at the foot of the page. Speaking to the Daily Mail website, Barrientos revealed, "It wasn't planned, I was just sitting in class and I hadn't talked to anyone yet. During the roll call, I decided to give it a try. It was a do or die moment. If I decided to do it, I know that I had to commit to it and I had to do it."

Barrientos is actually bilingual, and has used his fake Mexican accent in various stand-up skits when acting as his mother. What do you think of the comedians' prank? Do you think it's a bit extreme? How you would you react to such a revelation?