WWE Rumors: Paige Responds To Donald Trump Rumors, May Be Returning To Ring By Summer

No matter what Paige does, she always seems to make headlines. And the latest WWE rumors have her defending herself against some recent criticism about her drunken rants that somehow featured Donald Trump. You see, Paige has a habit of airing her grievances on social media, and in her last rant, there was a poster of Donald Trump on the wall.

Needless to say, this caused a lot of controversy, especially among fans that aren’t exactly fans of the 45th President. So what was Paige’s explanation?

According to the latest WWE rumors from Comic Book, the poster of Donald Trump on Paige’s wall was actually a calendar. And, what’s more, it was a calendar that was meant to countdown the number of days before Trump was removed from office.

That was all it took for Donald Trump supporters to go on a rampage against Paige.

Meanwhile, according to the latest WWE rumors from Sportskeeda, the company brass would like Paige to return to the ring by the summer. The outlet got their information from the premier wrestling site, PWInsider.com, who said that the company feels as though Paige has had enough time to recover from her neck injury.

In addition, they took her status updates on April 10 to mean that she was feeling “much better” and thus able to work as scheduled.

“Despite failing a wellness policy and rumours of her attempting to get out of her contract, on top of the other added baggage, Paige is expected to return to a WWE ring this year. It is unknown whether the WWE wants to use her to get their “money’s worth” out of her until her contract expires, or if they want her to stick around long-term. It is also unknown at this time as to which brand she will join on her return or when her contract will expire.”

Unfortunately, if Paige does return to the ring this summer, it may prove to be too late for her to get any respect from her peers and some media outlets, as well.

According to the latest WWE rumors from Bleacher Report, Paige is viewed as controversial, and someone who can only get attention when she’s outside the ring, rather than when she’s inside the ring.

Part of the reason she’s considered controversial is because she took to her Instagram account to make snide remarks against her employers because they refused to promote her and her husband, former WWE superstar Alberto del Rio. While it should be self-evident why they’re not being promoted, as Paige is out with an injury, and Alberto is a former superstar, Paige obviously feels upset about it.

“Paige added to her hall of fame run as non-wrestling lightning rod by publicly mocking Donald Trump on Twitter. Trump is a noted beneficiary of the McMahon family, who donated more money to the Trump Foundation than anyone, according to Rich Scinto of Patch.com. While her antics are certainly entertaining, one has to wonder how many straws she has left to balance on the back of the camel that resides in Stamford, Connecticut.”

What do you think of this latest round of WWE rumors? Do you think Paige will return to the WWE in the summertime?

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