Is Kailyn Lowry Baby Daddy Chris Lopez An Absentee Father-To-Be? ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Posts Clues On Twitter

The Kailyn Lowry baby daddy saga continues as the Teen Mom 2 star posts things Twitter that hints at the identity of her third child’s father and where her relationship with him stands.

The MTV star has become a trending topic online for the longest time since she admitted that she is pregnant with her third child after splitting up with ex-husband Javi Marroquin. After pregnancy rumors were confirmed, Kailyn Lowry launched what can only be described as an online sensation as she refuses to reveal who the father of her third child is.

Many people—both fans and critics—have become engrossed with the mystery as they try to figure out who the elusive baby daddy No. 3 really is. While she hasn’t been straight forward with the information, the Teen Mom 2 star never fails to fuel the fire of curiosity as she posts social media updates that are often taken as clues to the Kailyn Lowry baby daddy mystery.

On April 12, Kailyn posted some of these so-called “hints” as she attends her regular pregnancy check-up and updates her fans on Twitter.


While the Tweets were short, they were definitely filled with sweet treats for followers of the baby daddy saga who are drooling for more information on Kail’s most recent romance that bore the fruit that is now growing in her womb.

One Tweeter who doesn’t seem be very happy with all the mystery noted how Kailyn had been bent on using a dark-skinned baby emoji which implies that her child’s father is of a dark-skinned race.


For those who haven’t read enough about the Kailyn Lowry baby daddy saga, fans and the media alike are convinced that the man behind the veil of secrecy the Teen Mom 2 star has built is Chris Lopez. Previously, Kailyn posted a Snapchat photo of her baby bump which she captioned “Baby Lo,” leading people to think that she has confirmed the popular theory as reported by the Inquisitr.

Reports that go further in the past also point to Chris Lopez as Kail’s publicist, Casi Densmore-Koon, reveal stunning details about the mystery man and soon-to-be father of her third baby.

“The father is a friend Kail was briefly dating,” Kailyn’s rep said at the time, adding that the pregnancy was not an accident.

“This was Kail’s choice and she is 100% happy. Kail can’t wait to welcome the new addition to her family this summer.”

However, most recent posts from the reality TV star seem to show that her third baby daddy is not as decided as she is on having the child.


Speculations that the Kailyn Lowry baby daddy No. 3 ditched before she even gave birth escalated further with her more recent Twitter post.


Come to think of it, if Chris Lopez was indeed the mystery man that got Kailyn pregnant, there have been signs that he wasn’t quite happy with how the MTV celebrity had been handling the issue as he reacted to some of her slip-ups on social media as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

“Its only valid if it comes from my own mouth not no he say she say,” he said on a post on Twitter that has since been deleted.


Two days before Chris’s second Tweet was posted, Kailyn went live on Instagram where she chatted with fans about baby names. One fan suggested she call her child “Holden,” she responded with utter excitement and let man’s name slip and left people wondering if that was the name of the mysterious Kailyn Lowry baby daddy.

“Chris would say, ‘I’m Holden the baby!'”

Still, all these should be taken with a significant amount of grain of salt as the celebrity still hasn’t officially revealed the identity of the infamous third baby daddy. Chris Lopez also hasn’t made any official statements on the matter so we really don’t have anything concrete as of the writing of this article.

Of course, you should feel free to speculate with us by sharing your thoughts in the comments section as we wait for more updates on the Kailyn Lowry baby daddy saga in the days to come.

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