‘Dance Moms’ Spoilers: Has Abby Lee Miller Had A Change Of Heart?

Dance Moms spoilers are here, and now everyone wants to know, is Abby Lee Miller actually coming back to the show?

It was only a few days ago that we learned via Deadline Hollywood that instructor Abby Lee Miller had enough of the show and announced her plans to leave.

At the time, the instructor of the popular Lifetime series said of her decision to leave, “I don’t have a problem working with any kid, I love children and have dedicated my life to making other people’s children successful!”

“I just have a problem with being manipulated, disrespected and used – day in and day out by men who never took a dance lesson in their lives and treat women like dirt!” That said, Radar Online is reporting a different story about the whole fiasco.

Dance Moms spoilers reveal that Abby Lee Miller might have ended her feud with the girls and is thinking about returning to the show. The main reason behind her leaving the show was due to her junior elite team performing with another studio during nationals.

Seeing this as a betrayal lead she decided to go public with the news. However, it’s said she might have ended her feud after posting an Instagram video of ALDC’s Kendall Vertes.

The other point leading to speculation that this feud is over is that the student was seen wearing the ALDC sweater again. This is after the fact that she along with other fellow members left to compete with Cheryl Burke.

These Dance Moms spoilers are pretty light, and nothing has been confirmed about Abby Lee Miller returning to the show. As it stands right now, it seems like fans are hoping for any sign that she will return to the show. After Miller had posted to her social media, Dance Moms fans went wild, hoping was making her way back to the popular reality show.

One user wrote, “Kendall quit I thought. Why is Abby posting her in an ALDC sweater? I thought all the girls are at a different studio now.”

While another fan wasn’t convinced the Dance Moms feud was over:

“Kendall just happened to be wearing an ALDC hoodie so Abby stole this video from Kendall’s Instagram just so she could promote her merch and make some money. The elites and Abby still hate each other.”

Another hint that these Dance Moms spoilers should be taken with a grain of salt is that alum Chloe Lukasiak threw some major shade at Abby Lee Miller in her new book. Despite Chloe no longer being affiliated with Dance Moms, her response towards her former coach seems to be in line with the other former girls of ALDC.

After Miller had mocked her appearance in public, Chloe chose to leave the Lifetime show after four seasons. She candidly explained what went down, “The reason for leaving the show was my old teacher mocked my eye very bluntly; I was dealing with some serious health issues.”

In the end, she said that she didn’t feel like it was a good environment to work in. She went on to say that she’s very happy she left and that it would have only gotten worse if she chose to stay as a member on Dance Moms and take the heat from Abby Lee Miller.

Do you think Abby Lee Miller’s Instagram post insinuates that she’s done with her Dance Moms feud?

[Featured Image by Lifetime]