Charlie Murphy Dead, Murphy’s Final Tweet A Touching Message As ‘The Last Kingdom’ Cast Mourn Murphy’s Death

Charlie Murphy, Eddie Murphy’s brother, is dead after a struggle with leukemia. Charlie died on Wednesday, April 12, and he was thinking of the devoted Charlie Murphy movie fans and followers right up to the end. Us Weekly shared that on the night before Murphy died, he sent a “cryptic” message on Twitter.

“One to sleep on,” Murphy tweeted, as part of his ongoing series of morning and evening tweets during his battle with leukemia. “Release the past to rest deeply.”


Charlie Murphy’s movies are always funny, and movies like the perennial favorite Night at the Museum let his fans revel in fantasy too.

Murphy liked to have fun with his movies, and he also liked to get his fans thinking about important stuff.

Eddie Murphy’s brother knew the importance of laughter amid strife and struggle. Eddie and the Murphy family released a statement expressing their sorrow at the death of Charlie.

“Charlie filled our family with love and laughter, and there won’t be a day that goes by that his presence will not be missed.”

Eddie Murphy mourns his brother, Charlie
BEVERLY HILLS, CA - NOVEMBER 06: Actor Eddie Murphy attends the 20th Annual Hollywood Film Awards on November 6, 2016 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Night at the Museum wasn’t one of Charlie Murphy’s bigger roles, but Murphy movie fans loved his cameo part in the movie. Charlie played a taxi driver in Night at the Museum, and his famous first line was, “Hey, watch it! Now, who they gon’ get to clean up all that doo-doo?”

One person said Charlie Murphy was the funniest part of the movie.


Another Charlie Murphy movie aficionado tweeted, “Charlie Murphy is in Night at the Museum. That rules.”


As a comedian and actor, and as a scriptwriter for Eddie Murphy’s movies, Charlie Murphy always looked for ways to inspire while getting a laugh.

Charlie Murphy and Eddie Murphy at the premiere of 'Norbit.' Eddie Murphy starred in the movie and Charlie Murphy was the screenwriter
Charlie Murphy and Eddie Murphy at the premiere of 'Norbit.' [Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

Charlie took that engaging attitude to Twitter and liked to tweet short ideas that he hoped would motivate his followers.

Murphy’s last tweet is sad, but those words of wisdom from Eddie Murphy’s big brother are an “inspiring message that — in hindsight — reads as foreboding, too” wrote AOL.

Murphy’s dying advice to release the past sounds bang-on, according to Deepak Chopra’s popular self-help healing site, Chopra says that hanging on to the “hurts and wounds of the past” will just leave the sufferer carrying a lot of “the dead weight of old experiences.”

Charlie Murphy died knowing that his death was imminent, and he wanted to help his fans live a better life. On the day before Charlie Murphy died, he woke up with more hard-working advice.

“Rise & Grind: Wake up with the rising sun and seize the day!” he told followers.


Only a week before Murphy died, he remembered his friend Prince in a moving tweet. The Purple One died on April 21, 2016, from a fentanyl overdose. Charlie probably knew he wouldn’t make it to the one-year anniversary of Prince’s death when he shared the RIP.

Charlie and Prince once famously played a basketball game on Chapelle’s Show, and Prince beat Murphy before graciously making pancakes for everyone.

After the news broke that Charlie Murphy died, Murphy’s followers were quick to add their own comments about Prince and Charlie being reunited in the afterlife.

“It’s about to be a rematch in heaven!”


Other Twitter users asked Charlie to say hi to Prince for them.

“Say hi to him from me buddy.”

When Charlie Murphy died, it wasn’t the first cancer tragedy for the Murphy family. Charlie’s wife, Tisha Taylor Murphy, died from cervical cancer eight years ago in 2009. Her death left Charlie alone with their two young children, Xavier, now 18, and Eva, now 11.

[Update] Charlie Murphy’s funeral was held in New Jersey on April 19, and E! News wrote that Murphy’s funeral included comedy stars from across the country. Arsenio Hall tweeted that the funeral looked like a comedy hall of fame.


The Last Kingdom cast without Charlie Murphy will never be the same. RIP, Charlie Murphy.


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