WWE News: In Response To The ‘Fire Braun’ Petition, Fans Have Created A ‘Give Braun A Raise’ Petition

WWE Superstar Braun Strowman flat-out destroyed Roman Reigns on WWE RAW this past Monday, but various fans of Roman felt he went too far and called for his firing. However, now others are calling for WWE to give him a raise. Sure, Braun Strowman doing what he did as a bad guy is going very far to take out Reigns. This was all done to make Roman a hero for coming back from the attack soon so that everyone could think of him as this amazing babyface.

Sadly, WWE fans do not buy into the stuff WWE tries to pull in that area. This is why Braun was massively cheered throughout the attack by the live crowd and why he was receiving major praise for his work online the day after. What happened was pretty amazing. Braun would attack Roman during an interview that was being conducted backstage. Many people felt it was weird that Reigns was not in the ring at the time, but fans quickly realized why afterward.

Braun would come in to attack Roman and eventually powerslam him on some light casing, used to well, house lights. He wasn’t done here, and as Roman was put on a stretcher, Braun would return to then push this stretcher off of a ramp used for trucks. The drop from the area was around five feet. From there, Roman would be loaded into an EMS vehicle, but not before Braun then returned to attack Roman again and literally push over the vehicle with Roman inside.

Braun attacks Roman Reigns
[Image by WWE]

The attack was seen as amazing by many fans, and many felt it made Braun a star. However, there was one group who did not like what he did. Keep in mind that pro wrestling is scripted, and Roman Reigns is perfectly fine. In fact, a dummy was used in the stretcher segment, and Roman exited the EMS vehicle before it was turned over. In fact, you could tell the segment was shot, in part, before WWE RAW went on the air.

This petition to “fire Braun” managed to get a lot of attention due to the nature of what happened. The petition, thus far, has managed to see nearly 2,500 signatures since it was made by a woman by the name of Jennifer Kuchler a few days ago. It seems that the petition has gotten so popular that it made Braun Strowman himself respond to it on Twitter in one of the best comeback tweets you will ever see.

“I do what I want when I want and your stupid petition won’t change that!!

Braun managed to continue the role he was on with this tweet. If Strowman saw the petition, you know WWE saw it too. It seems that they may have even contacted Jennifer. She claimed in an update to the petition that “after having a talk someone that works for the WWE, I need to take this petition down. But thank you for the support.”

Strowman moves EMS Truck
[Image by WWE]

This was an update from Wednesday, but the petition has managed to stay up. In response to this petition and the great work Braun Strowman has done, fans decided to do a petition on the same Change.org website, this time to get Braun a raise.

The petition, created by a person named Sara T., claimed in her synopsis for supporting a raise for Braun, “So there’s a petition to try and fire Braun Strowman for his beat down of Roman Reigns last night on Raw. Fire? No……….give that man a raise for making me love that backstage segment! I know I’m not the only one out there that feels this way. Strowman actually made me like a segment that had Reigns in it, granted he was getting beaten up but that’s just great storytelling.”

While WWE is unlikely to fire or give Braun Strowman a raise for his recent actions, the fact that he got the world talking is certainly a very good thing for the man. Braun has slowly become a favorite among WWE fans due to how he has progressed and how he has worked as a character. Strowman will reportedly get a WWE Universal Title shot within the next few months. Braun Strowman versus Brock Lesnar may turn out to do big things for WWE if Braun stays this hot with fans.

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