'My 600-lb Life' Update: Lupe Loses 423 lbs, Leaves Gilbert After Continued Relationship Problems

Simon Alvarez

TLC's My 600-lb Life has now started airing official updates to its previous subjects from past seasons. In this week's episode, TLC took viewers back to Lupe Samano Donovan and her progress since she first appeared on the hit reality TV show back in 2016. As noticed by many viewers, Lupe has made considerable improvements with her weight, though her relationship with her husband and enabler Gilbert has taken a significant turn for the worse.

Over the course of the past year, Lupe has managed to lose a massive amount of weight, according to a Monsters and Critics report. Despite this, however, Lupe's tendency to stay in bed and resist walking has remained consistent. This has played a huge part in causing continued rifts in her relationship with her husband and constant companion, Gilbert, who appeared to be losing patience with his wife.

During the recently-aired My 600-lb Life episode, Dr. Now stated that Lupe's continued issues might be psychological in nature, as her mobility problems are still ongoing despite Lupe literally losing half her previous weight. Lupe, for her part, stated that while she has lost a massive amount of weight since first appearing on the show, the ten years she has spent bedridden has made her lose strength. Thus, the former 600-pounder stated that she still does not even have the strength to get out of bed.

When Gilbert was first featured on My 600-lb Life, many viewers were quite sympathetic to him, as Lupe was unable to reciprocate the care he consistently gave her. As the episode ended, however, avid fans of TLC's hit reality TV show were aghast at his behavior, as it has been demonstrated that Gilbert could be pretty passive-aggressive, even cheating on his wife and admitting it in front of her. A particularly painful scene in Lupe's original My 600-lb Life episode involved Gilbert stuffing his wife into a tiny car for a long road trip, which caused Lupe to suffer from extreme pain and discomfort. Gilbert, for his part, appeared to be entirely unsympathetic then, brushing off his wife's complaints as trivial.

This week's episode, however, managed to get viewers even more disappointed at Gilbert. While his wife has lost more than half of her weight, avid fans of My 600-lb Life have stated in online forums such as Reddit that Gilbert continued to be self-centered and passive-aggressive towards his wife. During the immediate aftermath of Lupe's major skin removal surgery, viewers were aghast as Gilbert demanded that his wife engage in sexual activities with him. Considering that his wife was still in extreme pain after undergoing a major operation, such a demand came across as ill-intentioned and downright insensitive.

By the closing minutes of Lupe's segment in the recently-aired My 600-lb Life episode, the formerly obese woman only weighed 219 pounds, losing a staggering 423 pounds since appearing for the first time in the reality TV show, according to a report from the Mirror. Unfortunately for Gilbert, Lupe also decided that it was time for her to call it quits with her husband. In a rather painful moment, the 219-lb Lupe opted to leave her husband, finding support in her cousin.

Viewers and avid fans of TLC's My 600-lb Life have aired their full support for Lupe, stating that her husband's actions, especially his advances after her skin removal surgery, were simply far too much. Thus, while it would be difficult for the reformed Lupe, she would need to find the strength to face her new, transformed life on her own.