The Duggars Are Faking It For TV? Josiah Duggar Claims Family Stages Some ‘Counting On’ Scenes

There has been a lot of talk about just how real or fake some of these reality TV shows are, and it looks like the Duggars are no different from the rest. In a recent interview, Josiah Duggar accidentally let a little filming secret slip, according to OK! Magazine. While talking about filming the newest Duggar show on TLC, Counting On, Josiah admitted that some of the scenes viewers see are definitely not the famous family’s first take.

“The show has changed the way we live…We walk through a door, and [then] we have to walk through it again’ [because] we didn’t do it [right] the first time,” Josiah shared.

It sounds like Josiah Duggar realized that he just outed his reality TV family for faking their perfect family image. After admitting that the family reshoots scenes for Counting On, Josiah backtracked a bit.

“Life is normal, life has gone on as normal, except we have a great home video we get to look back at.”

Indeed, a great home video complete with reshot scenes and edits. This isn’t the first time that the Duggars have been accused of fakery. It’s possibly just the first time that one of their own brood admitted that not everything fans see on Counting On is real. At least, it’s not the first take, which makes sense because there is no way that things would always go so smoothly with that many people in front of the camera. Anyone with a big family knows how hard it is to get all the kids looking at the camera at the same time. It makes sense that filming wouldn’t always go as planned either, and reshoots would be necessary in order to make everything look so happy and organized.

Josh Duggar claimed a couple of years back that 19 Kids and Counting wasn’t scripted, the International Business Times reported. As in, there is no actual printed script with lines for the family to say. However, that doesn’t mean that camera crews don’t ask the Duggars to recreate scenes after they already happened in order to get different angles, reactions, and the perfect shot.

So how real does a scene have to be in order to be considered reality TV? Is Counting On fake if they require the Duggar clan to walk back outside so they can film them coming back in several times in order to edit and use the best shots? Is that real, or does it constitute at least a partially scripted series?

Ther have been other accusations of Duggar fakery over the years. In 2015, before 19 Kids and Counting was canceled over the whole Josh Duggar molestation scandal, the famous family was accused of faking a charity donation scene for the TLC show, according to Radar Online.

It was reported that the Duggars staged a huge food donation in front of the cameras nearly two years ago, only to take their donation back after filming was over. The Duggars and their camera crew allegedly even went so far as to recruit a family who was shopping for clothes in the Compassion Center where the 19 Kids and Counting family was filming. The family was supposed to act happy that the Duggars had brought a donation of food to give to them. To make things even more shocking, after the scene was over, a Duggar brother was accused of heading out to that family’s car where they had placed a box of food, only to take it back to his own family.

While reshooting scenes for a reality TV series might not be the most serious offense, it certainly proves that not everything fans see the Duggars say and do is authentic. In order to make the Quiverfull following family look perfect on camera, both 19 Kids and Counting and Counting On have been shown to be at least partially fake with faked scenes and reshot scenes over the years.

Do you think it’s a big deal that the Duggars are reshooting scenes in order to present themselves a certain way? Or should viewers expect reality TV to at least be a little bit fake in order to get it right? Sound off about this Duggar drama in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Duggar Family Official Facebook]