‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Cassadine Island Secrets — Is Helena Alive To Reveal Them Herself?

There are many more secrets to tell on General Hospital, and Cassadine Island may hold the biggest of them all. Strange things happen there, including bringing people back to life. It’s no wonder everyone finds it creepy. This place is where Helena Cassadine kept Jason Morgan and his son, Jake Webber, captive and away from their families. It also continues to hold the key to many secrets that have yet to be revealed.

General Hospital spoilers coming from SheKnows Soaps says that little Jake has a secret that will stun everyone, and it is something about his daddy. There are many speculations on exactly what that could be. Did Jason do something to his son to make him scared of him? Helena really did a number on both of them. She is now dead, and her secrets may be buried with her. Or is she really?


Both Jake and Jason came back from the dead. They were thought to be gone and their families had mourned their loss. However, they had both been on the island being held there by Helena, so that may give a clue that maybe she has other Port Charles residents hidden away that everyone thinks is dead.

One of them is Nikolas Cassadine. He was supposedly shot and killed by Valentin Cassadine. Of course, his body was never found, so this would give a huge opening for this longtime General Hospital character to be found alive and well. Everyone thinks that Valentin is a monster after he killed Nik on Cassadine Island. Laura Spencer is furious with him and would want nothing better than to take him down for good.

On Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital, Laura really laid into Valentin. She is not a shrinking violet at all. She let him have it, and the guy may not have known what hit him. Valentin was clearly shaken by what she said about how everyone will abandon him eventually, including his wife and daughter. This guy killed her son, and Laura wants to make him pay for his murder.


But what if Nik is still alive and being held on Cassadine Island? If Nikolas is really not dead, then it looks like a recast will be in place, as actor Tyler Christopher, who originated this character, let fans know that he is definitely not returning to General Hospital.

What if Helena herself is really not dead? It appeared that she had died back in 2015, but it could have been just another way to fool everyone. There have been speculations that either Helena faked her own death or that Nik tried to kill her and really thought he had succeeded, but she caught onto him and made him think he did.

General Hospital Cassadine
Does Valentin have more secrets? [Image by Carla VanWagoner]

Could Valentin somehow tie into this scenario? He could very well be in cahoots with Helena and had it all staged to appear that he shot and killed Nikolas. That way, she could have him locked away to make him pay if he did try to do away with her. Another General Hospital rumor is that Nik is also playing along with his grandmother in this charade, but that would be cruel to have his mom and sister think that he was dead.

Jake Webber still has some secrets to tell, and it is coming up soon. There have been hints in this storyline that Helena may possibly still be alive and just waiting for the Port Charles crew to come knocking on her door. That would certainly be a shocker to see her on Cassadine Island.

Celeb Dirty Laundry suggested that maybe Jake has been in contact with the witch, aka Helena Cassadine, and that is why he has been acting so strange lately. She has all the secrets when it comes to Jason and Jake. It is expected to come as a shock when Jake exposes that secret that he has been keeping.

There is also the mystery of a little girl named Athena who was supposed to be living on the island as well. That has yet to come into play. General Hospital rumors have been swirling that perhaps this Athena is really Lulu Falconeri’s daughter, not Charlotte. Has she been fighting for custody of the wrong child?

General Hospital Emme Rylan
Is Charlotte really Lulu's daughter? [Image by Helga Esteb/Shutterstock]

There are so many questions that need to be answered. What happened to Jake and Jason on Cassadine Island? Is Helena still alive and ready to set another evil plan in motion? Does Valentin have more secrets that have yet to be revealed? Keep watching General Hospital to see what weird things will develop next.

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