Jinger Duggar Quells Pregnancy Rumors Wearing Pants

Couple of weeks ago, rumors of Jinger Duggar’s pregnancy made news. If recent images are any indication, Mrs. Vuolo is not pregnant, at least visibly.

A fan photo of Jinger during the Duggar family’s outing at Creation Museum in Kentucky last month triggered rumors of a pregnancy. Given its likelihood, pregnancy within half a year of marriage is not unusual in the Duggar clan. Though another image from the same day seemed to suggest Jinger was not pregnant, rumors refused to die. Now it seems the Duggar girl may have put them to rest by wearing pants, and fans might say, “in style.”

Like the image that triggered pregnancy rumors, this image too shows how Jinger’s clothes can give the impression of pregnancy. Only that, the latest photo leaves little doubt compared to the image that triggered ‘baby bump’ news last month.

According to People, Duggar girls – Jana, Jessa, and Jinger and three others, were in Waco, Texas visiting Magnolia Market at the Silos. Jinger and husband Jeremy Vuolo live in Laredo, Texas. Away from Arkansas, where her family lives, it seems Jinger has more freedom to dress. She had earlier shocked fans by wearing shorts. The Duggar dress code mandates knee-length skirts for girls and other forms of clothing, even if modest, are seldom worn.

Images of Jinger Duggar wearing pants sans a ‘baby bump’ had fans cheering for her. On the forums at Free Jinger website, they expressed glee stating she is living life on her own terms and that shorts were not a one-time thing.

“I’m disproportionately excited that Jinger isn’t pregnant,” said one of the forum’s members. “I don’t know if that’s by choice (thinking of Michael Bates) but if so, you go girl! Even along my most conservative friends (I’m catholic), natural family planning is encouraged and appreciated. I hope that Jinger is able to take advantage of this option without getting shunned by her fundie friends and family.”

Ever since the photo of Jinger Vuolo wearing shorts emerged, fans have wondered if Jeremy could be supportive of other things including a tattoo!


“So we all know Jeremy Vuolo has at least one tattoo that is visible, which is located on his inner arm i wonder if he has anymore,” one fan suggested on the Tumblr page Duggars and Bates Confessions. “Also on that note i wonder if Jinger would get a tattoo seeing as her husband doesn’t think a tattoo is a Sin!! I bet Jinger would get a cute tattoo hidden where nobody but her and Jeremy would see.”

Though it is hard to say she is not pregnant, most Duggar fans now believe Jinger is not having a honeymoon baby this fall. A visible baby bump in most cases indicates a pregnancy beyond 12 weeks. On the contrary, some fans have not ruled out Jinger‘s pregnancy.

“She could be 4 months. Some women carry very small. Alyssa Bates. Kate Middleton. You could barely tell they were pregnant until they were in the 3rd trimester, and Jinger’s wearing fairly loose-fitting clothing.”

Duggar family has already seen one birth this year and another baby is on the way. Jessa Duggar gave birth to Spurgeon while Jill Duggar is due later this year. Jinger’s pregnancy has been highly anticipated since she tied the knot last November.

Jinger has not responded to pregnancy rumors nor have the Duggars made an announcement. Given that the family chooses to make well-timed announcements about courtships, weddings, and pregnancies, it seems unlikely that a visibly pregnant Jinger would be visiting places with her family without an announcement in place. These events have fueled seasons of TLC’s 19 Kids & Counting and later, Counting On.

[Featured Image by Jessa Seewald/Twitter]