‘Vanderpump Rules’ Reunion: Lala Kent Explains Why She Didn’t Show Up At Ariana Madix’s Birthday Trip

Lala Kent surprised everyone when she skipped out on Ariana Madix’s birthday trip the last minute with no explanation at all. But the former SUR hostess finally revealed what happened during part two of the Vanderpump Rules Season 5 reunion, blaming it all on her anxiety. Tom Sandoval, however, believed that Lala’s boyfriend had something to do with her absence.

Fans of Vanderpump Rules may recall that Lala Kent got all excited when she got invited to Ariana Madix’s NASCAR birthday trip to Sonoma, California. Although she was worried about spending the weekend with Jax Taylor, Lala made it clear that she’s thrilled to celebrate with Ariana on her special day.

“Jax is f**king asshole but Ariana’s my girl. She invited me on this trip, so I’m gonna suck it up and I’m gonna go,” Lala told the cameras that time.

But on the day of the trip, Lala had a change of heart and decided not to go. She sent a text to Ariana apologizing for missing out with a promise to make it up to her but never explained why she backed out the last minute.

Lala Kent finally had the chance to explain herself at the Vanderpump Rules Season 5 reunion. The former SUR hostess claimed that she let anxiety get the best of her. After Jax Taylor told her that no one wanted to be her friend, Lala felt that it would be best for her not to go.

“I went into full panic attack mode, the fact that Jax was going, and the last thing he had said to me was not very kind. Then, I see that they’re gonna rent an RV and I was like, so they’re gonna throw me in an RV with these people too?”

Tom Sandoval, however, was still clearly upset with Lala. He pointed out that they had the same conversation over and over again before the trip.

“I made it very clear that if Jax or anybody f**ked with you, I would put a stop to it immediately. I feel like you just literally didn’t feel like going that’s why you dint go,” Tom said.

The Vanderpump Rules star also insinuated that Lala’s boyfriend came into town that same weekend, which is why she decided to cancel the last minute. Tom also claimed that Lala spent the weekend at the Beverly Hills hotel, with the guy she was seeing.

Unlike Tom Sandoval, Ariana Madix seemed calm when talking about the incident. In a previous interview with The Daily Dish, Ariana shared that there’s no bad blood between her and Lala Kent. The Vanderpump Rules star, however, admitted that she was disappointed at Lala after all that she has done for her.

“Things with Lala and I are much better today than they were at the time of the episode being shot. I had not seen or heard from her in months at that point, and I had felt like I had really gone out on a limb to have her back and to stand up for her. And I felt like she kind of just threw it to the wayside,” Ariana shared.

For her part, Lala shared that she definitely regretted ditching Ariana’s birthday, adding that she could have used this opportunity to reconnect or connect with some of her Vanderpump Rules co-stars, especially Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright. Lala was also embarrassed to have let Ariana down, who she describes as one of the few people who has always been kind and genuine to her throughout the show.

“I should have gone [to the party]. It looked like a lot of fun, and maybe I could have reconnected with or connected with Jax [Taylor], and I think I could have connected to Brittany [Cartwright]. It would have been a good idea for me to go but, again, my state of mind at the time, that was all just a fog.”

Catch Part 3 of Vanderpump Rules Season 5 reunion Monday, April 17 on Bravo.

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