Tarek And Christina Getting Back Together? Report Says Tarek Wants To — For Money

Tarek and Christina El Moussa have both moved on from their failed marriage, but Christina has had more luck post-divorce than Tarek, both personally and, apparently, professionally. Now, inside sources are saying that the former host of Flip Or Flop is even suggesting the two reconcile — at least, superficially — for the money!

As In Touch Weekly reports, an inside source, speaking on condition of anonymity, says that Tarek is trying to convince Christina to “reconcile” with him (and here “reconcile” means “pretend to reconcile, at least publicly”). And he’s doing it for one reason: dollar signs.

“He’s tried to persuade Christina by saying it will be great for their business and open so many doors for huge payouts.”

Furthermore, says the source, Tarek is all about one-upping Christina.

“He hates that Christina has been getting more publicity than him. He still wants to outshine Christina in every way possible.”

It’s not much of a secret that Christina has been faring better, personally and professionally, since their divorce. After breaking up with pool contractor Gary Anderson — the man who may or may not have broken up their marriage in the first place (depending on who you ask) — Christina has been attached to NHL player Nate Thompson.

Tarek, meanwhile, has been attached to the family’s former nanny, Alyssa Logan; a relationship that, not surprisingly, went pear-shaped.

Christina seems to be doing mostly OK in the media, too. Recently, she drew rave reviews (and some heated controversy) over a photo shoot featuring her and daughter Tay modeling swimwear.

Welcome to the family!! @cashiethefrenchbulldog???? Click link in my bio!!????????

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As the inside source says, Tarek can’t stand living in Christina’s shadow.

“[He seems] “seems stuck in neutral after the split.”

Christina, however, doesn’t appear to be taking the bait.

“Christina is not buying it. She knows she’s fine without him and doesn’t feel bad for Tarek because, as she’s told friends, he put her through hell.”

Meanwhile, the jury is still out on whether or not Tarek and Christina are going to continue to host Flip Or Flop. Although, as of this writing, they continue to work together on-camera as a team, the future of Flip Or Flop, in its current form, remains uncertain. What is known, unambiguously and for certain, is that HGTV is expanding the Flip Or Flop brand to other cities (Tarek and Christina are based out of southern California).

As the New York Daily News reported in early March, HGTV announced plans to expand the show to five other cities, with five other, non-divorcing couples hosting.

And while fans speculated that the Christina and Tarek divorce drama led to the decision to expand the show, Allison Page, general manager of U.S. programming for HGTV, said that plans had been in the works to expand the scope of the franchise long before news of Christina and Tarek’s marital troubles broke.

“We’ve been building this franchise for over a year and a half and we’re thrilled to bring new chapters, new stories and new talent to complement a series that’s been a big success.”

Whether or not Flip Or Flop‘s future incarnations will involve Tarek and Christina, however, is anybody’s guess. As the Christian Post reports, a “high-level network source” said that HGTV is done with T&C.

“They won’t go beyond what they’ve already shot. There will be only the spin-off shows with the new couples in different cities. Christina El Moussa and Tarek El Moussa won’t be filming more episodes. Season 7 is their last.”

However, TMZ, also citing anonymous sources, said reports of Flip Or Flop’s demise are simply not true, and that the couple are excited about Season 8.

For what it’s worth, HGTV is not saying much of anything on the matter.

Flip or Flop still is in active production on Season 7 of the series. No additional new info to share beyond that statement.”

Needless to say, this is a developing story filled with contradictions, complications, and rumors, and as of this writing, very little is official.

Do you think Tarek and Christina El Moussa should continue to work together?

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