Beyonce Makes $1 Million For Doing This On Social Media

Beyonce is not the queen of social media like Selena Gomez is, but she is still on top when it comes to making money on Instagram. Now, based on new information released on Tuesday, April 3, she's unstoppable when it comes to her Instagram account.

Beyonce is reportedly the most influential person on Instagram, based on D'Marie Analytics. Her posts are worth over $1 million. Beyonce isn't even the most-followed person on social media; that title goes to Selena Gomez. She doesn't even have the power that Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner do on their social media accounts. The reality stars are known for promoting various products and services on social media.

Beyonce does have 99 million Instagram followers, which is close to Gomez's 116 million. However, Beyonce is the first and only social media influence to cross the million-dollar threshold, which is why this is such big news. D'Marie Analytics manages a person's post value by using an algorithm that uses 56-plus metrics across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Included in the metrics are the number of followers, social media engagement, and post click-through rate.

The singer's influence was clear back in February when she announced the news that she is expecting twins with her husband, Jay Z, on Instagram. Queen Bey sent fans into a frenzy when she shared a photo of her baby bump. It quickly became Instagram's most-liked post ever, racking up over 10.8 million likes from her 99 million followers.

Beyonce's pregnancy news also set the record for Instagram's most-liked post, a title that was also previously held by Selena Gomez. Her photo showing her enjoying a Coca-Cola bottle with her lyrics displayed on it received over 6.6 million likes from her 116 million followers, reports Us Weekly.

Ever since then, Beyonce's fans have been going nuts over the "hints" she's been dropping on Instagram. At least that's what they think. The Beyhive went into a frenzy when she posted a caption-less video they believe is filled with hints about the gender of her babies.

The photos were part of a collage called "Date Night" and set to "Pop That Thang" by the Isley Brothers, reports Elite Daily. The first fan theory about the video is that she used the flower imagery because she plans on naming her twins after flowers.

The second theory is related to the genders of the babies that Beyonce will give birth to. Some people are convinced that the color choices in the upload correspond to what kind of children she's going to have. One of the theories is that some of the photos in the collage have pink and purple undertones, meaning that she could have one girl and one boy.

That's what fans thought when Beyonce shared her pregnancy announcement. They noticed that the singer's bra had pink bows and that she wore blue satin underwear. Fans are convinced that Beyonce will give birth to a baby girl and a baby boy.

On Tuesday, Beyonce took to Instagram to share a video of herself singing her 2015 song "Die with You" to mark her ninth wedding anniversary with Jay Z. She released the song on her husband's streaming service, Tidal, that very afternoon. The original video shows Beyonce playing the piano and singing the ballad while Jay Z recorded her.

The video also includes never-before-seen footage of the couple throughout the years. It has scenes from their wedding, Blue Ivy's birth, and other special moments in their life. Their 5-year-old daughter also makes an appearance as she kisses her mom's pregnant belly, leaving lipstick behind.

Beyoncé also released a 63-track playlist titled "IV EVER EVER" on Tidal in honor of the couple's anniversary. The songs include Marvin Gaye's "I Want You" and Michael Jackson's "I Can't Help It."

[Featured Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]