Will 'Today's' Matt Lauer 'Pull Rank' On Megyn Kelly Over Bombshell Interview NBC Is Teasing?

Will Today's Matt Lauer "pull rank" on Megyn Kelly over bombshell interview that NBC is teasing? "The biggest get on the planet" is rumored to be aired on the network for a colossal sit-down discussion.

Megyn Kelly's contract with the Fox News Channel is finally clear, and NBC can put her to work anytime. The 46-year-old journalist has been busy with family and taking vacations until she starts her duties with NBC. She'll take on three hosting duties with the peacock network in the morning, afternoon, and for a Sunday night news magazine show. She'll also helm breaking news and political events.

Whenever Megyn appears on NBC, her first show is sure to be a ratings success and producers want to feature the best material they can after obtaining such a big talent from Fox.

NBC insiders speaking with Page Six reveal that network chairman, Andrew Lack, is in Russia this week on a mission to land a huge interview with the nation's president, Vladimir Putin.

The big question now is, would the interview debut on Megyn Kelly's Sunday night news magazine or would Today's Matt Lauer or Nightly News' Lester Holt "pull rank and steal the scoop?"

Studio insiders say it's unclear which one will conduct the interview with Putin if it goes through, but it won't go down without competition between NBC colleagues. One of the insiders says "Lack has been in Russia having meetings to land an interview with Putin" and that he's hoping to also meet with the Russian president's spokesman, Dmitry Peskov.

NBC had recently acquired a broader stake in Euronews, which airs news coverage in as many as 277 million households across Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. The network hopes to compete with the likes of CNN. The interview with Vladimir Putin would potentially give him an international audience and be a ratings goldmine for NBC.

Whomever at the network interviews Putin will also expose them to an international audience -- an opportunity most journalists would love to have.

Since President Trump's possible links to the Russian president have sparked an FBI investigation and they both disagree on the crisis in Syria, the Putin interview would be of immense interest on a global scale.

Will Megyn Kelly, Matt Lauer, or Lester Holt be the one picked to interview Putin? The source adds that it's not quite Megyn's gig "yet."
"It is not clear who would do the Putin interview. News chiefs decide based on who would be best for the job. This isn't Megyn's interview — yet."
One of the reasons Megyn left Fox News was to get away from hard-hitting news, and an interview with Putin would be just that. Would she even be interested in such an assignment from NBC?

Kelly's morning hosting duties at NBC is anticipated to start in the fall at either the 9 or 10 a.m. hour. Little is known about the daytime slot she'll be working on, but the Sunday news show may start this summer. She's reportedly "staffing up" in preparation for the show.

Insiders told Page Six in an earlier report that Megyn is having her own staff separate from NBC. She'll also have her own producers because she allegedly didn't want any Matt Lauer "loyalists."

If Andrew Lack can nail down an interview with the Russian president, who would you like to see in the hard-hitting piece?

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