'Flip Or Flop' Star Christina El Moussa Splits From NHL Star Nate Thompson

Although Christina El Moussa and her husband, Tarek El Moussa, haven't yet been separated for a year, Christina has already gone through a couple of additional splits.

Following a short-lived relationship with contractor Gary Anderson, which reportedly began months after her split from Tarek and ended earlier this year, Christina El Moussa reportedly began dating NFL player Nate Thompson. However, just weeks into their rumored romance, the alleged twosome has already split.

"Nothing dramatic happened -- it was super casual from the start, and they were never an official couple to begin with," a source explained to Entertainment Tonight on April 11. "Bad timing on both their ends never really let it evolve into something serious. They remain friends and there are no bad feelings between them at all."

Last month, after Christina El Moussa was seen at a couple of Anaheim Ducks hockey games, she and Nate Thompson were romantically linked. That said, the 33-year-old Flip or Flop star and mother of two insisted, via her rep, that she and Thompson were "just friends."

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According to the Entertainment Tonight report, Christina El Moussa and the 32-year-old athlete actually called off their romance a couple of days prior to news of their relationship being shared. Then, a short time later, Thompson reportedly got back together with former girlfriend Sydney Kaplan, who attended an event with the NHL player last summer.

While Christina El Moussa and Nate Thompson have not yet addressed their short-lived relationship publicly, In Touch Weekly told readers on April 12, that Thompson had seemingly confirmed a falling out when he deleted a photo of himself and Christina El Moussa from his Instagram page -- and stopped following her on social media.

Entertainment Tonight also noted that while Christina El Moussa was seen during the Anaheim Ducks game on Sunday, she wasn't at the event to cheer on her alleged ex-boyfriend. Instead, she was simply enjoying the sporting event with a female friend after initially purchasing the tickets several months prior.

Last month, when news of Christina El Moussa's relationship with Nate Thompson was first revealed, a source close to Thompson told Entertainment Tonight that the reported couple had enjoyed a couple of dates.

"It's still very new and they're seeing where it goes," the source said.

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As for what Christina El Moussa's estranged husband thought of the alleged romance between her and Thompson, a source weeks ago claimed he was not happy.

"Tarek was mad about Gary because he knew the guy and he felt betrayed," an insider told Hollywood Life earlier this month. "He's even angrier about Nate, though, because he has no connection to him. This hockey guy is much closer in age to [Christina El Moussa], so it would be something else Tarek would really have to make a major adjustment with if it turns out to be true."

While it's hard to say what's next for Christina El Moussa, another source recently suggested that she could be headed for a show of her own.

"She'd like nothing more than to cut loose from Tarek, and she's had a lot of interest from execs," a source explained to OK! Magazine, via Hollywood Life. "She's got a huge fan base — men like her because she's nice to look at, and women like her because she's a working mom."

Flip or Flop concluded at the end of last month and so far, there's been no word of a premiere date for a new season.

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