New Dr. David Dao Video: ‘I Make Lawsuit Against United Airlines For Discrimination’ — Anh Duy Vs. Thanh Duc

There is a new video of Dr. David Dao, the man who was dragged off of a United Express Airlines’ flight. As seen in the below video, Dr. Dao is speaking on the phone when the video begins and tells someone on the other end that he wants to make a complaint and file a lawsuit against United Airlines for discrimination, since they wanted to remove Dr. Dao from the flight. Dao reports someone’s name as “Danielle Hill” as some of the crosstalk in the video makes it sound unintelligible. Dao goes on to complain that he has flown from Los Angeles and has had a long day and just wanted to go home. Those speaking with Dao in the newly released video tell him that if he doesn’t get off the United Airlines flight, he will be dragged off the flight. Dao tells them that they will have to drag him off the flight. Dr. Dao can be heard complaining that if he couldn’t take the current flight, that would mean an overnight stay.

As reported by the Independent, there is a Dr. David Anh Duy Dao with a criminal history, who is not the passenger on the United flight, according to the publication. The Independent notes that Dr. David Thanh Duc Dao was the man removed from the United Airlines plane, which might be an unrelated person.

The above video was recorded by Joya Griffin Cummings, who posted an update on United Flight 3411 to Louisville on her Facebook page on Wednesday, April 12. Cummings wrote that Dr. Dao did not appear to be any more irate and belligerent than another person might be after traveling for so long.

“Thank you to all of the friends and friends of friends who shared my video of Dr. Dao before he was forcibly removed from our flight. For getting the word out that this passenger was no more ‘irate or belligerent’ than any weary passenger after a long day of travel would be. He just wanted to go home, had to work the next day and did not feel it was right to have to give up his seat, a seat he was already sitting in upon the plane. The airline was not able to get him home until after 2 pm Monday afternoon. He was irritated as any passenger would be, questioning why he was chosen and explaining that he was a doctor and had patients to see in the morning. I was not concerned for my safety, nor that of my toddler’s or for my pregnancy until the police were called aboard our plane to remove him. I was worried about what a physical altercation would entail with us sitting directly behind him and if the officers were armed in a tiny, confined space.”

Joya went on to write that her heart broke for Dao and that a United Airlines representative called her to give the company’s personal apology and a full refund of her plane tickets. Joya called the refunds a small gesture for the injustice that she witnessed on the United Airlines flight. Cummings wrote that she prayed for a policy change and freedom from fear of racial profiling and discrimination. Meanwhile, satirical headlines like the one below from the Washington Post are appearing surrounding the Dr. Dao scandal.

“America, we can and must do better,” Joya closed her viral Facebook post, and using the hashtags #unitedflight3411, #louisville and #changestartswithone.

The new video of Dr. Dao threatening a lawsuit while sitting on the United Airlines flight is getting plenty of attention. On Live Leak, the video has received more than 10,000 views thus far.

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