Shep Rose On Landon Clements: Did She Hook Up With Thomas Ravenel On ‘Southern Charm’?

Shep Rose has been on Southern Charm for years and, while he is getting older, there is one thing about Shep that never changes. He's a single guy, who likes to party, have fun and take it easy. Shep doesn't like being pressured into relationships, and he may not want to settle down with one woman. Rose just likes to have fun, so when his co-stars started bugging him about his friendship with Landon Clements, he didn't know what to say.

According to a new Reality Tea report, Shep Rose sat down on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, where he dished on a few rumors that have surfaced on Southern Charm. The primary rumor about Shep is his relationship with Landon Clements. Last year, Landon told Shep Rose that she was in love with him in hopes of getting him to settle down. She really wanted a relationship with him, but Rose just wanted to have fun. While they are indeed great friends, he never really saw her as a long term partner.

"A lot of people would be very lucky to be in a relationship with Landon, but you can't tell yourself to feel some way that you don't feel," Shep Rose told Andy Cohen during his visit to Watch What Happens Live this week alongside Scheana Shay from Vanderpump Rules.

Of course, Clements really put herself out there when she revealed that she had feelings for Rose on the previous season of Southern Charm. Shep Rose was shocked as he almost choked on his wine. He didn't know what to say. The two had been flirting for months, but it was just fun for Shep Rose and he wasn't thinking about a long-term romance with Landon.

But just because Rose isn't interested in Clements doesn't mean he has shut down all chances of finding romance. Many of his Southern Charm cast members are finding love, and Craig Conover found it last year with a new girl named Naomi. So, what does Shep Rose look for in a girl? As it turns out, he doesn't have too many points that need to be checked off.

"I want one that laughs at the same Seinfeld episodes that I do," Shep Rose revealed after Andy Cohen asked him what kind of girl he would want to date, to which Andy replied with a simple "aww."

While Rose didn't have anything exciting to add to the conversation in regards to his personal relationships, he did discuss the rumor that Landon may have hooked up with Thomas Ravenel. On Southern Charm, Landon kept denying that they had hooked up, while Thomas was sending the vibe that something had happened. As for Shep Rose, he thinks that something happened and Clements just doesn't want to admit that they have hooked up. Maybe she's concerned that Shep would change his mind about possibly dating her if he knew that she had hooked up with Thomas.

"They swear up and down that they didn't, but I will say this: if you're in another country and you run into somebody from your hometown," Shep Rose explains about the rumor that Landon and Thomas Ravenel hooked up.

When Andy Cohen added, "They're gonna bang" Shep finished his sentence by saying, "Something's happening."

Maybe Clements doesn't want the Southern Charm viewers to know what has happened behind closed doors. And maybe she doesn't want Shep Rose to change his mind about her if he knew that something did happen.

What do you think of Shep Rose's comments about Landon Clements? Do you think she hooked up with Thomas Ravenel?

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