WWE Rumors: Paige May Be Pregnant? Posts Video From Hospital, Alberto Del Rio Says He Knows Who Leaked Tapes

Paige hasn't exactly been in the best of spirits since the sex tape scandal broke -- so much so that Paige threatened to kill herself over the drama. And now, the latest WWE rumors not only suggest that she's been hospitalized for attempting to harm herself as a result of the sex scandal, but there's also been a damper put on her potential return to the WWE. Fortunately for her, she has a loving mate in Alberto del Rio, the former WWE star with whom she recently walked down the aisle. So, what's the real story: Did Paige do this so she didn't have to go back to the WWE?

According to the latest WWE rumors from Wrestling, Inc., Paige posted a video from the hospital today, but despite the reports that she was in the hospital because she tried to harm herself, it's not true -- she was there to get a check-up on her injury that sidelined her from wrestling in the first place.

"Little pain relief...yikes. Thanks for Dr Uribe, who's always incredible and our new friend Willem Nel who dropped everything to stab me with needles. Also to @el_patron_alberto for filming and making fun the whole time."
However, the latest WWE rumors from the Daily Star suggests that Paige did in fact enter the hospital because she was trying to harm herself over the sex tape scandal, though she didn't make a big deal about it when she entered, as she was focused on her recovery.

The outlet also reports that Paige's husband, Alberto del Rio, knows who leaked Paige's sex tapes, and it wasn't a random hacker. He also promised that he would work overtime to prove it.

Prior to being sidelined with her injury, Paige was suspended for violating the WWE Wellness Policy, so it's a little suspicious that she's getting her treatments with some medical drugs. Will this sideline her again?

Alberto del Rio -- prior to being let go from the company -- was also suspended from the company for the same reason.

So the question begs itself: Could this be Paige's way of being "let go" from the company without any hassle, especially since Alberto del Rio is implying -- though not outright saying -- that the company is responsible for the leak?

According to the latest WWE rumors from the SmackDown Hotel, there may actually be another valid reason for Paige not wanting to come back to the company: She's pregnant with Alberto Del Rio's child.

The outlet is basing their speculation off of the fact that Paige posted an update that suggested that "two will soon become three," implying that she's pregnant.

If she does, in fact, turn out to be carrying a child, it will be her first with the wrestler, and it will be Del Rio's fourth child.

Paige, in the past, has always said that Alberto Del Rio was the best thing to ever happen to her.

"Crazy in love. Literally. Always by my side no matter what. Through hell and back and still look at him everyday likes it's the first time. My love @el_patron_alberto"

It's good to know that Paige is getting her life together, especially after she's been plagued by such terrible scandals.

What do you think of this latest round of WWE rumors? Do you think that Paige is pregnant with Alberto del Rio's child?

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