‘Fappening 2.0’ More Naked Photos Leak: Miley Cyrus, Suki Waterhouse, Rosario Dawson Latest Hack Victims

The Fappening 2.0 has reportedly claimed its latest victims, as Miley Cyrus, Suki Waterhouse and Rosario Dawson are allegedly the latest victims of the recent slew of naked photo leaks.

After a number of celebrities were victimized and had nude photos leak online earlier this year, reports are claiming Suki and Rosario are the latest stars to have naked pictures leak shortly after Miley was also targeted by a hacker in what’s been dubbed The Fappening 2.0 on April 11.

Just days after a slew of famous faces, including Demi Lovato and Amanda Seyfried, had nude photos surface online, News Hub New Zealand is claiming that Rosario and Suki allegedly both had naked images posted online by the site Celeb Jihad.

According to the report, the website claimed to have more naked images of celebrities to come after leaking images alleged to be of Dawson and Waterhouse and supposedly stated that they would soon leak presumably stolen nude photos of actresses Alison Brie and Sophie Turner in the coming days.

The site reportedly claimed those pictures were “coming soon” following Suki and Rosario’s attack, suggesting The Fappening 2.0 is only set to continue.

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Suki’s hacked nude images allegedly included “explicit selfies and additional nude images” of the model, as Gossip Cop claimed that the images leaked online during the hack “were taken in front of a bathroom mirror” which suggested the naked photos were likely hacked from Suki’s phone.

The site also reported that Rosario Dawson was victimized during the Fappening 2.0 hack, claiming that pictures said to be of the actress were also reportedly published online by Celeb Jihad on April 11 following Suki’s leak.

In addition to Suki’s and Cyrus’s Fappening 2.0 hack, Gossip Cop reported that the naked photos said to be of Dawson “show a woman resembling the actress posing completely naked in what appears to be an acting trailer,” and also alleged that a “short tape” showing a female in a bath tub was also part of the leak.

Rosario Dawson and Suki Waterhouse are yet to comment on the alleged nude photo leak.

The latest Fappening 2.0 leak came shortly after Miley Cyrus had images leaked online this week, which the site claimed featured numerous photos of Miley allegedly showing her both topless and completely nude shortly before Rosario and Suki were reportedly victimized.

The site alleged that the “handful” of photos showed Cyrus “posing provocatively” and supposedly featured the actress “completely naked in a sauna” and also “wearing overalls while topless.”

Though collectively referred to as The Fappening 2.0, it’s not yet clear if the latest slew of naked photo leaks are connected, though Gossip Cop is claiming that it does appear the recent slew of hack attacks are linked.

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Prior to Miley, Suki and Rosario being the latest hack victims, Demi Lovato reportedly had naked photos leak online, as did Amanda Seyfried, Dylan Penn and Katie Cassidy, which had caused some to brand the recent onslaught of naked celebrity photos The Fappening 2.0 following the original iCloud hack that took place back in 2014.

Amanda Seyfried is thought to be one of the worst hit by the latest Fappening 2.0, as it was reported last month that the actress had extremely explicit and personal photos leak online that saw her threaten legal action to have them removed.

Amanda threatened legal action against the site that posted the nude pictures amid the drama, according to TMZ, as Seyfried’s lawyer reportedly called the photos “very private” and noted that they showed the actress “in various states of nudity or in intimate moments with her former boyfriend.”

Seyfriend then demanded the images were removed, which they were, and confirmed that nude photos were not posted with her consent, though the site has only continued to post nude images as Rosario, Suki and Miley are now involved in the continuing the Fappening 2.0 drama.

What do you think of the latest naked photo hack?

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