50 Cent’s Controversial Punch To A Woman’s Chest During A Concert Ended Quite Well

50 Cent's controversial punch to a woman's chest during a concert at the Baltimore Soundstage on Tuesday ended on a happy note. No further incidents and no bad blood. Although the rapper's retaliation seems harsh, it wasn't minded at all as the woman performed a twerk after being called onstage by 50 Cent. He was forced to use physical measures after the aggressive lady roughly grabbed his arm and pulled him off the stage. Reeling from the shock, 50 Cent threw a punch to free himself from her grasp. However, 50 Cent's controversial punch to a woman's chest was caught on cam and people are quick to speculate.

50 Cent controversial punch to a woman's chest creates furore
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50 Cent's controversial punch towards a super aggressive fan

The rapper was performing with The Lox at Baltimore Soundstage on Tuesday and was forced to throw a punch at an aggressive fan after she pulled him offstage. The singer was trying to shake the hand of a fan in the crowd; however, a woman grabbed him by the arm causing him to topple forward as she pulled him down.

According to TMZ, 50 Cent threw a punch to a female fan in an effort to free himself from her hold, prompting security to be called to the scene.

Nonetheless, 50 Cent's controversial punch to a woman's chest didn't receive any considerable backlash after it was assured that there wasn't some sort of violent reaction following the "punching."

To appease the lady fan's satisfaction, the 41-year-old singer invited her up onstage. After being helped by security, we were able to get a good view of the female fan. The woman wore a skimpy floral-patterned dress and once on the stage, she performed a twerk together with the backup dancers. 50 Cent's controversial punch to a woman's chest ended quite well, indeed!

This isn't the first time the artist started a fight with his fans. As previously reported by MTV, 50 Cent headlined celebrity news during his May 2004 concert after a fan allegedly threw a water bottle at him. He was hit on the head triggering the rapper to jump into the crowd and attack the fan. Three persons were injured from the fight. The New York born performer was sentenced to a two-year probation and was charged with three counts of assault and battery.

50 Cent controversial punch to a woman's chest creates furore
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50 Cent dropped out of Chris Brown's "Party Tour" at the last minute

Last month, the rapper made a shocking announcement that he had dropped out from Chris Brown's "Party Tour" at the last minute. According to 50 Cent, it's an amateur tour and the pay is lousy. Ouch!

In an in-depth conversation with the rapper, he revealed that it wasn't a "well-planned operation." He said that they had agreed on a final negotiation before the concert hits stages. However, the Live Nation, in charge of concerts and tour for musicians and singers reportedly slashed down the offer by "hundreds of thousands of dollars."

This pressure tactic came after 50 Cent's name was put on all pages of the advertising campaign. Everyone should be expecting him to perform as his name was stated in the billboards, posters, and tickets. But, the rapper didn't give in and bailed out from the tour at the last minute.

A TMZ report came following his cancellation saying that 50 Cent bragged about his talent fee and told producers that "they can't afford him." The artist responded on his Instagram account and wrote, "I would never say my friends can't afford me. This run wasn't handled correctly. I'm still on set filming Den of Thieves."

The "Party Tour" proceeded henceforth, without 50 Cent. Aside from the fallout, it was rumored that Chris Brown's heavy drug-related charges and fueled row with fans contributed to the decision of the singer to bail out from the show. Brown declined to perform at Reno, NV and issued refunds from the bar. He was also slammed after shouting at club employees in Vegas and calling them as "racists."
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