Chloe Lukasiak Dishes On 'Dance Moms' And Abby Lee Miller In New Book: 'It Was High Stress And Intense'

Dance Moms has another certified book author -- Chloe Lukasiak. After the successful launch of Maddie Ziegler's controversial tell-all memoir, Chloe is all set to release a new inspirational book.As expected, Lukasiak's upcoming book promises to reveal her time at the show and experiences with the ALDC guru Abby Lee Miller.

In a recent report by People, it has been confirmed that Chloe will be launching her very own book, Girl on Pointe: Chloe's Guide to Taking on the World. The said project will serve as a platform for Lukasiak to showcase her personal side. According to reports, the book will feature "ultimate behind-the-scenes" of Chloe's life as a dancer and a rising star. It is also expected to spill some intriguing details about Dance Moms and former mentor, Abby Lee Miller.

"It's definitely stuff I don't think my fans know about me. It's the ultimate behind-the-scenes of my life. It's something really close to my heart. I've always been the self-proclaimed nerd of the group. I love reading and writing so this just seemed so natural and so right. It's been a crazy journey so far."
Just like her fellow Dance Moms star Maddie, Chloe did not hold back in exposing what really happens behind the camera and how the whole experience was like to a young dancer like her. The 15-year-old rising star also revealed the reason why she decided to leave the show despite being a fan-favorite. Apparently, Lukasiak felt that Miller was "aggressively mocking her physical appearance" during her first four seasons on the show.
"The reason for leaving the show was my old teacher mocked my eye very bluntly; I was dealing with some serious health issues. [My exit] was very abrupt and I didn't expect to leave obviously. But after that happened my mom and I just kind of talked about it and it didn't seem right to go back."
Chloe, who left in 2014, also revealed that she doesn't regret leaving Dance Moms. In fact, the young star admitted that she was actually very happy for ditching the show knowing that it'll be good for her mom and herself both emotionally and mentally.

"It didn't feel like it was a good environment for me to be in anymore. I don't regret what I did at all," Chloe continues. "I'm very happy I left when I did. I think it only would've gotten way worse. I don't think that would've been good for my mom or me, for our mental state. Everything happens for a reason so I was glad I left."

In Girl on Pointe: Chloe's Guide to Taking on the World, Chloe reiterated how stressful Dance Moms and Abby were during her stay. She also added that the moms and Miller were always fighting despite the fact that they were surrounded by young dancers.

"Looking back, my time on Dance Moms seems like a whirlwind of dancing …but also fighting. The parents were always fighting — with one another, with Abby. Anyone who's watched the show knows about these fights."
Although the show was "high-stress and intense," Chloe and the rest of the girls apparently learned to go with the flow, ignoring all the fighting and bickering.

"In any case, after the first season, we girls learned to make the most of the situation. Obviously, the show was high-stress and intense. Obviously, there was conflict. But we decided to ignore the bad; instead of listening to the fighting, we figured, 'let's just go have fun!'"

And now that Abby was officially replaced by Cheryl Burke in Dance Moms, Chloe has nothing but good words about the new dance instructor. Lukasiak even commended Burke for her positive ways particularly in handling the team. As it seems, Chloe is more than happy to be working with the Dancing With The Stars pro.

"Cheryl is really, really amazing. She's so encouraging and she's always trying to bring out the best in us, but in the most positive way. She's always pushing us. I've only known her for a few weeks but I'm honored to be able to say I've been trained by her by a short amount of time."

So far, it remains unclear whether or not Chloe will take part in Dance Moms Season 8.

Meanwhile, Lukasiak is also currently busy with her other projects. Just recently, the dance prodigy announced her upcoming web series called Chloe Does It. In the said digital series, fans will be given a chance to be part of the show by giving suggestions on what Chloe will do. It'll also feature some interesting highlights about the teenager's activities including getting permits and auditioning for a movie. So far, the web series has no exact release date yet.

Chloe's inspirational book Girl on Pointe: Chloe's Guide to Taking on the World will be released in January 2018 and is already available for pre-order on Amazon.

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